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Darby, learn to READ. Good luck trying. For YOU, IT'S ONLY ABOUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, you hypocrite. But *puh-lease*, keep on projecting your sanctimonious only makes you seem more and more like the Democrats. You have nothing to offer but spitballs. Buzz off, child.
That's YOUR goal...NOT MINE. The Republicans STAND UNITED WITH THE DEMOCRATS...*N*O*T* with us. For that reason, I spit on your weak-tea appeal. We've heard it too many d*mned times. IT DON'T WORK NO MO'. I will stand with those who support and promote MY beliefs. That is CLEARLY no longer the GOP. If YOU believe it, you should consider joining the Dems. After CROmnibus, Yoho Switcheroo, Mississippi Cochran, Tea Demonization, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS LEFT ME.
1000 TUs!
IMHO that's been tried often enough, with enough betrayals and unwarranted punishments. So, as far as *I'M* concerned, the GOP CAN DIE. But it's NOT an either/or proposition: for those who wish to *still* try "within" the GOP (I#m rolling my eyes), more power to you, I wish you good luck and, if that fails, a good education when the Establishment GOP kicks YOUR teeth in.
Oh, BOR-RING. Unless you want to look back to the 1850's... there was this (in your opinion) worthless, counterproductive REPUBLICAN PARTY. It took them about a decade to get up on their feet, but LEARN FROM HISTORY. And by the way: IF YOU AREN'T WILLING TO RISK LOSING EVERY NOW AND THEN FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, YOU AREN'T FIT TO BE INVOLVED IN POLITICS.
Wah. Waaaah!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Kibitzer, your stale argument is OVERBAKED. DONE. BURNT TOAST. We have heard that line TOO MANY TIMES. By the way, since you clearly support Boehner&Co, the GOP Establishment and all, YOU GO JOIN THE DEMOCRATS!!! YOU ARE ALL JUST LIKE THEM. NOT WE. Republicans have proven they also want and support a heavy-handed, overbearing State...just a little "kinder and gentler" in its approach (in your/their demented minds) and a tad bit slower (but not much). LOOK IN THE MIRROR: you PROJECT just like a Democrat. Your attitude DISGUSTS me.
Agreed...with one qualification (in this "interim" period): should there be individual Republican politicians who reflect AND DEMONSTRATE THROUGH THEIR VOTING RECORD your/my views/beliefs, I think it is important to vote for these individuals.
As a brief "p.s." I'd add the late-night Amendment switcheroo to Rep. Yoho's Bill HR5759 (which the GOP leadership withheld from the members). this whole CR/Omnibus fiasco (giving Dems/Obama almost everything, including Obmacare and Amnesty funding...all while throwing away leverage of negotiating these latter items sooner than later).
Forgetting the National GOP-paid flyers that went out around Mississipi to black voters? You may have missed that. But YES, they *did* accuse us of that AND MORE/WORSE.
While your brevity is to be applauded, your snark reveals your immaturity and inability to debate a point.
Dear John Hawkins, You are losing it. I have never read such naive, delusional claptrap from you. Are you getting infected with RINOitis from Townhall and HotAir?!? YOU KNOW BETTER. FORGETTING: Tea Party RAAAACISTS? Mississippi Cochran? Committee ShutOuts? AND THE LISTGOES ON. The GOP will NEVER LEARN. They DO NOT WANT TO LEARN. It is too late to hope, wait and ask pretty please from these traitors. The Republican Party MUST DIE. We need a NEW PARTY...NOW!
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