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Whilit is nice to have that option, I think it's more effective if "the bad guy" has to worry and wonder IF you have a gun. As in: SURPRISE!
Jim Webb (if you mean the Virginia one?) is a RINO TURNCOAT just like Florida's Charlie Crist.
In the same sense that RomneyCare = ObamaCare, Jeb Bush created CITIZENS INSURANCE in Florida: it's essentially a (now failing...what a surprise) State socialist homowners' insurance. This man is BAD NEWS...for the GOP and for America.
Jeb Bush "IN" = me OUT OF THE GOP in 2016.
*Interesting* that Townhall allows so many SPAM posts on this thread. Even *after* being "flagged" numerous times. I guess they don't mind burying the debate posts. *Interesting.*
You troll. Calling RINO/GOP "traitors" IS THE *R*E*S*U*L*T* and *R*E*S*P*O*N*S*E* to their evil behavior towards us and the country. Your post is no less despicable than the husband who screams at his wife, "HOW *DARE* YOU DUCK WHEN I THROW THINGS AT YOU!!!" Troll.
AN ANALOGY John Hawkins the BATTERED WIFE, writing a missive to her husband, the GOP: "Darling, I'll love you and stay with you if you'll please just 1) stop beating me 2) stop whipping me 3) stop throwing hammers at me 4) stop swearing at me 5) ...and so on...and so forth..." WOULD *Y*O*U* STICK AROUND?!?
Google - for example - "Mississippi Cochran flyers Tea Party racist" (over 13,000 results) Here's one link from Patterico http://patterico.com/2014/06/30/yes-there-were-flyers-and-robocalls-that-accused-the-tea-party-of-racism/ Breitbart also has info on it. Hope this clarifies things.
Darby, learn to READ. Good luck trying. For YOU, IT'S ONLY ABOUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, you hypocrite. But *puh-lease*, keep on projecting your sanctimonious indignance...it only makes you seem more and more like the Democrats. You have nothing to offer but spitballs. Buzz off, child.
That's YOUR goal...NOT MINE. The Republicans STAND UNITED WITH THE DEMOCRATS...*N*O*T* with us. For that reason, I spit on your weak-tea appeal. We've heard it too many d*mned times. IT DON'T WORK NO MO'. I will stand with those who support and promote MY beliefs. That is CLEARLY no longer the GOP. If YOU believe it, you should consider joining the Dems. After CROmnibus, Yoho Switcheroo, Mississippi Cochran, Tea Demonization, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS LEFT ME.
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