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BLESS YOU. What true words.
Your drivel is tantamount to that, psycho. Just go back and real ALL of it. (that's punishment enough)
While Democrats may be WOLVES in SHEEP'S clothing, libertarians are ANARCHISTS in CONSERVATIVE'S clothing.
How many times are you going to re-post this PLATITUDE, bub?!
BULL. Mitt "the only candidate who can win" Romney NEVER TRIED TO WIN. He never persuaded those "in between/independent" voters, in spite of his mushiness. Just as YOU GOP Establishment fools can't grow the cojones to FIGHT. Sure, you know how to sabotage US... ...but then don't come whining to us NOW about November. Always remember: MISSISSIPPI COCHRAN = GOP Establishment DEATH TO THE GOP AND ITS SYCOPHANTS.
You are not civil, you are merely as Soma-like as "2001's" HAL...the same GOP-Establishment bilge coated in a soft voice. Your obsessive posting throughout this thread makes me question your motives. "I am a conservative". Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiight. And I'm Ronald Reagan. Phhhht.
No, never...but YOU HAVE VOTED FOR THOSE NUMBNUTS WHO SUPPORT HIM FROM THE GOP SIDE. Please find a car to get run over by.
psyco, when you take your DEM-LITE ball and vote it into office, YOU HELP ELECT A STATIST. YOU are the problem with the GOP.
*THANK YOU* (/s) Townhall, for finally showing me that you, like Hot Air and too many other drivel-spewing RINO outlets, are no longer worth taking seriously. The GOP Establishment smears and sabotages Tea Party candidates, and then - *unexpectedly!* - turns around to scream: "Support us! Or else it's *your fault* if we lose!" Umm...NO. IT ISN'T. DEATH TO THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT. DEATH TO THEIR CODDLERS, SUPPORTERS, SYCOPHANTS.
While I agree on Horowitz's assessment of the wimpy (SEE: Bush, DOle, Bush, McCain, Romney), traitorous (SEE: Mississippi Cochran) GOP, Detroit would be a DISASTER. REMEMBER: 1968 Chicago riots? Agreed, DON'T REWARD Ohio, but don't set yourself up for an ALL-TOO-EASY-TO-CREATE riot scanario, which would only be a BOOM to the DEMs and another point of ridicule for the GOP.
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