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The Richest Bracket Gets Richer: A Great Thing About America

pyrope Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 1:43 AM
Most people cannot fathom Mr. Payne's rationale. Truly sad, isn't it? As for myself, having grown up as what could be defined as "underprivileged" I was never taught to think of myself as some sort of victim. I was also taught to never begrudge anyone of what they have but to get off my posterior and proved that I could earn even more. Well, I might never have made it to millionaire status, but it's nice to know I was blessed enough to live in a country where I might have.

This week, when the National Urban League took Nike to task for its $350.00 LeBron X sneaker, it talked about the company being insensitive to the plight of some Americans. Wow, that is beyond a crazy cop-out. I don't get how makers of inanimate objects like guns and sneakers get blamed for the dumb decisions made by actual human beings.

There are a lot of people in the country that can afford $350.00 sneakers, although many got that money by being frugal enough to never buy $350.00 sneakers. Be that as it may, when will this blame game stop? When...

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