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Debate Prep: Experts Give Candidates Some Advice

pyrope Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 1:49 AM
Ms. Glover gave the best advice--don't appear to be impatient. I have no respect for Bill Kristol's opinion, wouldn't trust ANY advice from a Democrat, and don't know about the remainging gentleman. I would add the following: Mr. Romney seemed to be wound up a bit too tight--he needs to work just a bit more on being less intense while maintaining a posture that would not permit anyone to run over him. (Leherer really tried to do that!) In a best case scenario, on the last debate, Mr. Romney would cause -0bama to come unwrapped and lose his composure. (He almost did it the other night when -0bama began stuttering) The way to make -0bama lose composure is to respond to his lies with irrefutable fact.