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The Cuban Missile Crisis—Kennedy’s Second Backstab

pxavier Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 9:48 AM
Kennedy backstabbed still more than you might think. He is an outright traitor. The russians never pointed their missiles toward America. Kennedy asked the CIA to fake the Russian missiles on cuban photos, but the CIA sabotaged the work by adding plenty of incoherences on the photos of the crisis that I have seen (some incoherences are funny, like the Grozny ship which has a chimney on one end, whereas it had not, a russian submarine which has a hole in its conning tower, the Joseph Kennedy ship which has something alien on it, plenty of people walking in open, or cuban guns not aiming at the reconnaissance plane whereas the cubans had the russian radars to spot the planes, an impossible shadow of the reconnaissance plane, and some other re

That Khrushchev swept the floor with Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis was a mainstream American view throughout much of the Cold War. Nixon and Goldwater, for instance, represented opposite poles of the Republican establishment of their time.

"We locked Castro's communism into Latin America and threw away the key to its removal," growled Barry Goldwater about the JFK’s Missile Crisis “solution.”

"Kennedy pulled defeat out of the jaws of victory,” complained Richard Nixon. "Then gave the Soviets squatters rights in our backyard."

Generals Curtis Le May and Maxwell Taylor represented opposite poles of the military establishment.