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Republicans Bet on Stronger Hand in Spending Fight

pwregan Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 10:14 PM
George Bush tried for 5 years to get his tax cuts made permanent, but it took the most Liberal President and most Left-Leaning Congressional Members, and the Media, draging and screaming, to give George W.Bush a victory of 98%. I don't know about you people, but when I was in college,anytime I got 98% on anything I was elated. How dumb can the Republicans be if they got the other side to beg and cajole them into making something they claimed were irresonsible, PERMANENT. Let's hear it for those dumb old Republicans !
Corbett_ Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 10:45 PM
First of all, only an absolute fool thinks these tax rates are permanent. Already, the Democrats are talking about raising a trillion more in "revenue" (i.e, taxes). And the only way they can do that is to tax the middle class.

Second, taxing people because they are producers is ALWAYS the wrong thing to do. The politics of envy is always corrosive and will always have bad results. For one thing, we will probably collect much less in tax money than we do today. We will also see many people moving more of their money (and jobs) outside of the US.
During the "fiscal cliff" battle, I asked several Republican lawmakers why they didn't push harder for spending cuts in exchange for their historic concession to vote for higher taxes. They invariably answered that they were waiting for the fight over raising the debt ceiling. Then, they promised, Republicans would demand serious cuts, especially in entitlement spending, from President Obama.

Their thinking was this: The GOP was on the wrong side of the polls in the battle over raising taxes on the highest earners. Surveys showed substantial public support for the president and Democrats on that issue. But Republicans are on...