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Pro-Self Defense Sheriff Apologizes for "Embarrassing" Police Chief Testimony

pwregan Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 3:29 PM
Hey you ignorant piece of trash, do you have any idea of the treaty currently being proposed by the U.N. regarding gun control? This can and will, over ride our 2nd amendment as that is the nature of international treaties. Once voted on by the U.N., it has to be ratified by our Senate, but until it is brought up in the Senate, it is in full force and effect unless and until it is voted down. As long as it is not brought up, it will remain in effect, and what makes you think Harry Ried will ever bring it up? Oh, and you wanted a link you ignorant simpleton, well, try this;

Ever wonder why police chiefs from big, crime ridden cities are always chosen to testify before the Senate about gun control while sheriffs are often ignored? Police chiefs are appointed. They simply serve as politicians and mouth pieces for their city councils and liberal mayors. This is the case in anti-self defense Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C. Milwaukee etc. Sheriffs on the other hand are elected and represent the voices of the people they serve.

On Monday Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the sheriff who sent out a public service announcement encouraging residents to learn how to use a...