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Does the Black community really believe that if a white kid had been dressed like Travon, inn the same place, acting the same way, and hiding for 4 minutes instead of going home,, so he could attack Mr. Zimmerman, punch him in the face and take him to the ground and beat his head against the sidewalk, that if he were white, he wouldn't have been shot? Hey, black people, wake up! If you really believe that, then this country REALLY is in deep S_ _T. He wasn't shot because he was BLACK, he was shot because he was STUPID !
No, it translates into racism, pure and simple.
Maybe, just maybe, if it could be discovered the percentage of Conservative vs Liberal SSAN's that were given out "accidentially", it just might be a straw big enough to break the chicken Conservatives in Congress' back, and might add a little "Political Viagra" to mix. Under law, the IRS can't gi that information to us, but they can give at least the percentages, names redacted, to the Chairman and Ranking Member,and they could indicate to us whether or not we need a new tax code with a total of 25 IRS employees.
Hey "Truthseeker", you lack of intelligence is showing again. Just exactly which jobs do you think the "Congressional Oversight Comittee" istasked with "creating". You idiot, the Comittee's entire task is to make sure the crooks in government don't setal yours! Issa AND the entire Committee are doing EXACTLY as they have been charged with doing, unlike you. I guess you skipped current events in school, or, if you went to public school as I suspect, you never had a chance to even attend, so i guess your ignorance is, as every liberal on the planet will claim, "NOT YOUR FAULT".
The funny part is....he's really "a brother" !
No, they just want to be able to be on the panel that gets to vote on whether or not the border has been secured so they can give away citizenship sooner.
Reid wants Nevada to be declared a "Border State" so it will have, under the new immigration bill, a seat on the "board" of "border State" officials, that will vote about whether or not the border requirements have been met. Guess how Harry Reid's State would vote? I think Harry Reid is the most dishonest S.O.B. (Senate Occupying Boob) since B.H. Obama.
Hey Rachel, did you bother to tell everyone how many of your relatives work for the NSA before you decided to publish their "talking points" designed to destroy and discredit Mr. Snowden.? Excellent job by the way, except for the part where both his legs were broken while on duty in Iraq. But then, you wouldn't want anyone feeling sympathetic for him would you?
Pictures of sheep perhaps ?
This is what happens when a good Republican gets in bed with the likes of party traitors like McCain and Grahmnesty ! Too bad, he might have had an impressive career, but he just flushed it down the toilet. What a fool!
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What Happened to Just Quitting?

pwregan Wrote: Jun 10, 2013 3:13 PM
Hey Rich, could you please post any similar article you, in all your wisdom, can dig up that was written with the same tone about Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers? You "panty waste" writers are all alike, no matter which side of the political spectrum you're on. There isn't a single government or terrorist entity on earth that doesn't know what NSA does. How about we stay focused on the liars like Obama, Holder, Rice, and I.R.S. managers who are the ones really doing damage to our country?
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