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Oil Funded Al Jazeera Makes Al Gore Richer Than Mitt Romney

pwregan Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 5:38 PM
Kind of pales in comparison to a man with a lifetime history of helping others and an elevator in his garage. Gore is the best example, next to his former partner in crime Mr. Clinton, of the kind of world the Liberals think is "fair". It's OK to be rich, so long as you totally trash your convictions and lie to get there.
jgraham687 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 4:37 AM
It's only OK to be rich if you can take enough money away from other people to spread around doing good deeds to try to make you feel better about your ethically challenged, hypocritical self. Have you ever noticed that liberals are only generous with OTHER people's money? When it comes to their OWN charitable giving, most of them give precious little. It is a WELL-DOCUMENTED FACT that Conservatives give WAY more of their OWN money to charities to help the less fortunate than liberals ever do. It is EASY to be charitable ahd generous with somebody ELSE'S money, since it costs YOU nothing, liberals!
jgraham687 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 4:38 AM
And on that subject, how much of Al Gore's ill-gotten $300 million do you suppose HE plans to donate to charity? Mitt Romney donated MILLIONS of HIS OWN MONEY to charity--and all he got from liberals was bad-mouthing because his money was "tainted" since it came from (gasps of horror) OIL COMPANIES.
RogueMerle Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 5:44 PM
SwimwareIsMe Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 5:43 PM
Or if you marry your wealth (Kerry, Pelosi).

New oil profiteer Al Gore is now richer than Mitt Romney according to Forbes. What put him on top? His recent sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera for a cool $500 million, which makes him worth $300 million. Gore received a $100 million cut of the deal last week and made the rest of his money off of global warming hysteria.

When former Vice President Al Gore ran for president more than 12 years ago, he had less than $2 million in assets to his name. Now it appears he is on the verge of making...

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