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Jobs Versus Net Jobs

PV Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 4:50 PM
And with the adverse selection bias built into the operational foundation of Obamacare (BOTax), health insurance companies will pay increasing claims against declining or stagnant premium receipts, and all the while with the government sending an non-ending stream of new mandated coverages and regulations their way. Adverse selection is an insurer's great nightmare where the risk holders increasingly are the ones requiring payment for treatments, and the healthy younger people who would subsidize the system are staying out. Premiums don't cover expenses. After full implementation, the insurance company-dominated system will collapse very quickly.
weler Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 8:19 PM
Bill Clinton's Record Breaking Illegal-Alien Amnesties:

1. Sec 245-i, 1994 temporary rolling Amnesty, 578,000 illegal aliens.

2. Sec 245-i, 1997 Extension of 1994 Amnesty.

3. Nicaraguan Adjustment-Central American Relief Act - 1997 Amnesty, 1-million illegal aliens.

4. 1998 Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty - 125,000 illegal aliens.

5. Late Amnesty 2000 - 400,000 illegal aliens claim right to Reagans 1986 IRCA.

6. Life Amnesty 2000 – Sec-245-i-rolling, 900,000 illegal aliens.

None of the border security, employers not hiring illegal-aliens, laws written into any of these amnesty-bills have ever been enforced !

We; have enough 3rd-worlders, we should lower the yearly-quotas-way-down, to make up for our past mistakes !
One of the reasons for the popularity of political rhetoric is that everybody can be right, in terms of their own rhetoric, no matter how much the rhetoric of one side contradicts the rhetoric of the other side.

President Obama constantly repeats how many millions of jobs have been created during his administration, while his critics constantly repeat how many millions of jobs have been lost during his administration. How can both of them be right -- or, at least, how can they both get away with what they are saying?

There are jobs and there are...