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That is complete nonsense. All of those areas you mentioned are subject to falsification. If a claim is made, and it can be shown not to be true, it has been falsified. If something is found to be true, then it remains so until something can prove it false. You are full of sophistry.
Don't worry. God doesn't believe in you either.
I'd love to see any evidence at all that substantiates that one species evolved from another separate one. Just one single thing. There is evidence of natural selection within a species, but no evidence exists of what you are claiming. But maybe you think Piltdown Man wasn't a fraud. And what conservatives ever argue that the earth isn't over 4 billion years old. That red herring shows you are a stupid drone.
That is so profoundly true. All they have is their narrative which they assume from the authority of others. This is why they become so vitriolic and hysterical whenever they are challenged on any of their beliefs. They don't use rational thought or reason to arrive at their beliefs so they are incapable of using those skills to defend their nonsensical ideas. Everything is all about authority to them. They are walking, talking logical fallacies. Appeals to authority, and ad hominems.
More like a vaccine to inoculate people against the ideological cancer of progressivism.
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Irresponsible Choices

PV Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 5:11 AM
I am having trouble determining if your comment is sarcasm. If not, you are clearly delusional. Clinton was involved with setting the world on fire. And she has no political accomplishments that anyone could honestly say were good. And her book tour and recent interviews were horrendous. You should get some new glasses (or put the one in your hand down) and maybe try again.
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