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Bad economy, what bad economy? Is my goodie check in the mail?
This will help free people from their jobs. We're free, free, Thank God Almighty, we're free at last.
It's unfortunate we have to listen to the nonsense from this stupid woman.
?? You're the one screaming about nazi trash. everyone despises the nazis. the less said about them the better.
Why's that? Are they going to have some bogus indictment just before the election, with questionable evidence while withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense and then proceed to drop the whole case after he loses the election, the way they did the last time? Something like that? I can see Begich defeated by a more conservative candidate. He won't be facing any liberal motivated tidal wave to restore the empire of obama.
I can recall decades ago that I actually believed idiocy like that. If you read back you will find that Eisenhower enforced the decision and started the integration of the schools. Gingrich is a moderate conservative and it is a definite insult to the man's legacy and lifetime to be excoriated as some unlawful racist demagogue. That is both idiotic and offensive and founded on nothing.
Those numbers sure are deadly. The GOP leadership and the RNC is despised by many rank and file conservative republicans. They can kill the whole momentum and effectively end the GOP by pushing amnesty over the finish line. That would definitely finish the whole thing.
eric holder is looking into the legality of all this
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So Many People are Down on Obama Now

putupjob Wrote: Nov 24, 2013 11:34 AM
I disagree with much of what has been said in the article. All of us opposed to obama have been dumbfounded how such an unqualified, unprincipled, vacuous lying weasel could find his way to the oval office, not once, but TWICE!! The reason: he's ahead of the curve in the fundamental transformation of america. All the Barack-O-Bots don't care about anything in the article. They're at the food marts buying stuff with their government issued EBT cards. Their health care status now is either better or the same than before Obamacare... free. Essentially none of the leech bots are going to turn on this president and their numbers are growing very fast so as to establish permanent ruthless majoritarian rule. We were right about obama from the start. He's actually worse than my original worst fears. And, in the end, what difference, at this point, does it make.
they're getting out of the way and just watching the rat dems twist slowly in the wind.
these numbers are atrocious. it's about time. wait until we have 3 more months of goober care.
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