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What is there to clarify? Her words speak for themselves.
I'll admit I was taken in by Bush and the GOP who then spent like drunken fools on their projects and cronies and led this country into a mess. They brought us the scourge of obama and the democrat massacre of american traditions.
this is more slithering slime from obama that has gotten under the wire and will cost all of us a lot. And the class warfare pimps will blame the greedy energy companies for soaring costs.
Hillary: trade for Bergdahl is the right thing to support the troops. Crowd: Applause. Get ready for President Hillary Clinton.
Sickening to see all that mushy gushy by obama with the mother of a deserter.
Maybe she expects people from other districts to pay for her district?
Obama was fraudulently re-elected.
Don't get in the weeds... Just send your money.
There will continue to be one lie after another from this regime. Overstatement of GDP, understatement of real unemployment, overstatement of job creation, way overstatement of obamacare sign ups. All of those numbers make headlines when the lies are told. Then, we hear nothing about the numbers when they are quietly revised in the opposite direction as "adjustments", In some cases numbers have been overstated, then silently revised (like quarter over quarter numbers). Then, new (inflated) numbers come out and are compared with the previously revised downgrades, always showing fake improvements. All these people are liars and the media love it and will tow the line until the democrats are gone. Then, there will be a return to "truth in reporting" with every negative story strongly amplified and every positive result barely reported.
I wonder if Bruck will issue an executive order indicating that for all the people who signed up and haven't paid, that it must be a hardship so that they don't have to pay. that way they can pump up their totals.
Even the French Republicans were unable to kill the Jolly campaign. They tried their best and failed.
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