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I can see delaying this action until after Nov. Then, obama can do the whole thing with strong republican support and make it all a kumbaya bipartisan decision.
unions are all for obamacare as long as none of it applies to them. it's for everyone else, not them.
Isn't this the overweight tub who takes off her clothes every time there's a camera focused on her?
If the answer to the question is "the middle class is getting hammered", then she'll answer the question. Otherwise, this big dope is so ignorant, she has no position on any issue aside from stammering, hemming, hawing and saying we don't yet have all the information necessary to decide the issue. She'll be President Warren in 2017.
A lot of the democrats who voted for Cochran in the primary runoff had ALREADY voted in the original primary for the Democrat candidate. In other words, they voted twice. Fact: the Barbour, RNC, Cochran gang are blocking the McDaniels people from reviewing the voting rolls that is supposed to be available to compaigns (violation of voting laws). McDaniels et al had already shown 1000 such questionable votes in one county.
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Hillary’s Book Tour From Hell

putupjob Wrote: Jun 15, 2014 11:08 PM
I'm sure everyone is deeply saddened that Hillary had to suffer so.
?? It already is a failed social welfare state.
Expect the following from the obama bot liars and administration: the GOP won't support immigration reform so very young girls will be sold into sexual slavery. Expect it.
I guess he didn't like the Army and then he didn't like the Taliban gig. What does he want?
His approvals won't fall any lower until the payments to the leeches are cut off. Since the payments will never be cut off, expect things as they are until he's gone.
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