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So says the convicted sex offender
And how was the rally, the Nazi rally you organized last week. And don't forget to clean your dirty swastika and hitler-kakis.
According to some neo-nazi cons, Mr Page, the latest white terrorist who massacred civilians, including 84 year old, was a regular at townhall's hate comments section. The biggest threat to America is not Muslims or the religion of Islam, the most dangerous threat to America is white-supremacist terrorists, like the infamous Aurora WHITE TERRORIST, who massacred women and children, including 6 month old child and the latest Wisconsin WHITE TERRORIST. Obama 2012!!!!!!!
And what is your point, Nazi-BOY?
Uh-oh Mr. Romnoxious is spoiling for a war of words? Not a good strategy for a man so woefully under-armed. And by the way - this spoiled man-child, who inherited millions and millions from his rich daddy, did NOT pay any federal-tax for more than ten years. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romney forgets that we have now evolved into an age where previous deeds are are recorded forever -- and will be recalled anytime when necessary to his lying and hate-based lies will forever follow him wherever the lying Mormon goes! Thank you, Internet! Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!
So says the neo-Nazi hate merchant.
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