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The Real GSA Scandal: Job-Killing Big Labor Payoffs

Putin2030 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 3:41 PM
Ted Nugent -- Romney adviser and surrogate -- represents a segment of the U.S population that, one, is still fighting the civil war they LOST, two, is slowly becoming acclimated to indoor plumbing and three, thinks the Internet is something to use for catching trout. likewise, there is a medical condition which is endemic within this population, "Esophageal Blockage." Cause? the inability to swallow the idea that there is an African-American family living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Another Obama Landslide!!!!!!!
Buck O'f Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 3:50 PM
Georgetwin now residing in PA Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 3:46 PM
Hey Muzzie Boy!


WHY does your Sail Eared Sissy TORTURE animals?

Romney Campaign Notes that as a Boy, the Sail Eared Sissy Ate Dog Meat!:
Georgetwin now residing in PA Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 3:45 PM
Lies from a Muzzie Coward!

ALL they have in common is they both lived in MI before it was taken over by LIBERAL TRASH like YOU!

Stop the presses: Big-spending Democrats are finally up in arms over a federal boondoggle. Details of the U.S. General Services Administration bacchanalia get worse by the day. We've graduated from overpriced breakfasts in Vegas, friends-and-family junkets galore and in-house videos mocking their own profligacy to extravagant bonuses, alleged kickbacks, obstructionism and bribes.

But the scandal is still small potatoes compared to the potential billions GSA is pouring down the Big Labor drain.

Whistleblowers and an independent inspector general investigation estimate that the GSA's Sin City conference cost taxpayers an estimated $1 million in 2010. Washington bureaucrats squandered another...