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Negroes With Guns

Putin2030 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 7:53 PM
So says the neo-nazi trash racist. And BTW - GFYS.
The racist retard....aka..usmc2531...aka the neo-nazi brownshirter....is hijacking this thread..and that means I am outttttttttta here. Another Obama Landslide!!!!!!!
Allison. MO, the euro-trash-racist from Europe, is claiming she is somehow not a racist but a fighter against fascism and she is really a natural blond, not the self-hating blond-wannabee. . Four More Years. Obama 2012.
Good fact-free rightwing satire.
Ted Nugent -- a Romney adviser and top surrogate -- hates the USA. He described how he urinated and defecated in his pants for several days, without changing his underwear, prior to his draft appointment. All to avoid to serve his country. President Obama hating racists cowards (They hate the color of his skin...NOT his policies) like Ted Nugent try to make up for their personal inadequacies by attacking others. Obama 2012.
Ted Nugent -- Romney adviser and surrogate -- represents a segment of the U.S population that, one, is still fighting the civil war they LOST, two, is slowly becoming acclimated to indoor plumbing and three, thinks the Internet is something to use for catching trout. likewise, there is a medical condition which is endemic within this population, "Esophageal Blockage." Cause? the inability to swallow the idea that there is an African-American family living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Another Obama Landslide!!!!!!!
Hillbilly-trash-BOY -- How do you know that I live in Michigan???.
Hey Mitt Romney. Where are your TAX RETURNS?????? How much stolen-money do you have hidden overseas?? Thanks but NO thanks. Obama 2012!!!!!
President Obama delivered another home-run speech. I can't wait the presidential debates. Obama in a landslide!!!!!
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