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lsharp Wrote: 36 minutes ago (12:09 AM) Abortion is the zenith of what Atlas Shrugged referred to as the worship of death. Perhaps one day we will view it as we do slavery now. For now we are 'in-between' times, and silence of 50 million murdered humans scream for justice. Perhaps that day will come, but only when it's impossible to become pregnant unintentionally. Until then it will remain the conflict of interest it is now. You won't garner a whole lot of support for the position that a blastocyst's interest outweighs the interest of the woman hosting it - no matter how much you insist that science has "proven" a blastocyst is a human being.
By you and what army?
Dave M Wrote: 7 minutes ago (12:30 AM) I don't know and neither do YOU! But I sure as heck hope so. He swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution. He did his very best to subvert it. Toomey is the most conservative senator elected from PA since Santorum, though they emphasize different issues. It's impossible to primary Toomey from the right in PA and win the general election. On the other hand, recall what happened to Santorum last time he ran for the Senate.
You're surprised that racism doesn't get called out at TH? Are you new here?
In what sense, exactly? Do you really think his support of a barely-there limit on guns will hurt him when he runs for re-election in Pennsylvania? Or do you think he had some presidential aspirations before this?
right to arm bears Wrote: 8 minutes ago (11:59 PM) BTW- to all those uppity progs that gave us the raspberry when obozo was elected, well, you dimlits get your bitter pill now. Because blocking a toothless bill that would have died in the other chamber anyway is JUST as good as getting your candidate elected President!
Darral Wrote: 3 hours ago (8:27 PM) Science has clearly concluded that life begins at conception, Abortion is murder, We have a serial killer lose in America sponsored and funded by the Destructive Treasonous Democratic party, Abolish this Socialist Communist Destructive Treasonous Democratic Party. Good luck with that! I'll think of you and smile next time I vote for the winning Democratic candidate.
calohan-29 Wrote: 1 minute ago (12:45 AM) Gee thanks. But what is the good of sequencing genes if you cannot cure unknown disease through correlation? ... cure unknown disease through correlation ... as in knowing what variants are associated with a disease doesn't get you a cure? I KNOW, I've been knocking GWAS for YEARS!
Lance8762 Wrote: 14 minutes ago (12:24 AM) LOL Yes, they have been known to develop into artichokes and/or moonbeams. if you received or are receiving student loan money, give it back, quick! You are beyond ignorant, and VERY foolish. "CLICK" Oh, it's not student loan money champ. You, the tax payer, have been paying my salary for years. Something about "investing in research" ;)
Nothing would happen in states like NY and CA. Abortion would become illegal in about 2 minutes in Alabama. About 10 years later abortion would be legal everywhere again. Truly terrifying. But the discussion is moot - let me know when SCOTUS takes up a case that could result in overturning RvW.
calohan-29 Wrote: 15 minutes ago (12:05 AM) Sure, you can probably also rattle off a gene sequence or two........while not knowing the deeper implications when you find an unrelated match. I'm really interested in this "unrelated match" concept. Are you talking about orthologs?
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