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annfan_777 Wrote: 45 minutes ago (2:59 PM) Not relevant. What is relevant is that the unborn child is no different than the born child, regardless of the vague notion of "viability" or "trimesters". The only distinctions between the two are age, location, size and level of dependency. The unborn child is just as much a member of the human family as you or I. Abortion is no different than throwing your three year old down the stairs. If you insist this is the case at the moment of conception, you will lose every time. Lose in the court of public opinion, I mean. Your argument makes sense for a baby the day before it's born, and the day before that, and the day before that. It doesn't make sense on the day of conception, or the day after that, or the day after that. Not to most, anyway. It's not necessary to pinpoint the MOMENT when the changeover occurs to believe that a fertilized egg or a zygote are not the same as a human being.
It's New Jersey. You think Ted Cruz can get elected in New Jersey?
It is? Where?
It's not unconstitutional until passed and reviewed by SCOTUS, and even that's not final. You might call it Schrodinger's constitutionality ...
Origanalist Again Wrote: 6 minutes ago (12:53 AM) The army of we who don't want you killing any more babies. A bang-up job you're doing so far.
Bill904 Wrote: 0 minutes ago (12:57 AM) We call it quantum mechanics, or QM. We refer to relativity, not relativity physics. If you really were a physicist, you would know that. You're being trolled by a racist ... at TH. Trolling is asymmetrical - the one being trolled can't win. Starve the beast.
Oh, this one is too easy. Link to your faculty page OD or GTFO.
lsharp Wrote: 36 minutes ago (12:09 AM) Abortion is the zenith of what Atlas Shrugged referred to as the worship of death. Perhaps one day we will view it as we do slavery now. For now we are 'in-between' times, and silence of 50 million murdered humans scream for justice. Perhaps that day will come, but only when it's impossible to become pregnant unintentionally. Until then it will remain the conflict of interest it is now. You won't garner a whole lot of support for the position that a blastocyst's interest outweighs the interest of the woman hosting it - no matter how much you insist that science has "proven" a blastocyst is a human being.
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