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Michelle Obama Lobbied For Partial Birth Abortion in 2004

purejustice Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 9:33 AM
Good God, that is the ugliest woman in the known universe. She makes me want to hurl everytime I see her moose-like face! Wear a bag over your head, for gods sake!..........Oh and since she supports partial birth abortion, she's an idiot too! That is all!

President Obama has a long and extreme record on abortion. I've reported here before about his comments that a baby is a "fetus outside of the womb," his belief babies who survive abortion shouldn't by law receive medical treatment and about his support of infanticide. Now, LifeNews has published a letter signed by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2004, during Barack Obama's U.S. Senate campaign, lobbying for partial birth abortion. From the letter:

We have all been concerned lately with the rise of conservatism in this country, especially as it relates to women. You've read...