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Ugly and stupid!........great combination!
She's a big enough lying sleazebag to get elected! A true Democratic superhero!
Good God, that is one ugly woman!
artdemeer is a moron! Pay no attention to him!
Michelle Obama's looks aren't that impressive either!...............Just sayin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a new slogan for America: If it's Black....Send it Back!
Why in the hell is this idiot still on TV? Obama gives him goosebumps up his leg!.......Good grief, I'm going to be ill! Pop Obama's wang out of your mouth and go away already! Moron!
Good God, that is the ugliest woman in the known universe. She makes me want to hurl everytime I see her moose-like face! Wear a bag over your head, for gods sake!..........Oh and since she supports partial birth abortion, she's an idiot too! That is all!
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Eliminate the TSA

purejustice Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 2:03 PM
You average TSA worker has the IQ of a small house plant! They provide about as much safety as a stuff guard dog! GET RID OF THEM ALL! I rather take my chances with the terrorist!
Roses are red They're red from the sun Where is Moochelle Why she's on vacation And speaking of Sun And I tell you What The only thing bigger Is Moochelle's Butt Her Husband's a Muslim He bows on a whim I wonder who's in charge Is it her or is it him? When November comes and it can't come too fast They better pack all their bags Cause they're leaving at last!
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