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Harry will retire in 2016 (mark my words) and Rory, his son, will run then to replace him. I'm sure, that is the plan.
Wow, what a defeatist you are! You can fight it, you white flag waver! If the House gains even more GOP seats and the Senate has a GOP majority, they can together, defund ICE and all federal agencies related to immigration. Then, if they had any cojones, they could draft Articles of Impeachment against the President of the USA and explain that the POTUS is exceeding his Constitutional authority and acting as a Dictator. You make me sick when you say there is nothing the GOP can do about it. That is EXACTLY why the American people are turning away from voting from either party. I will still vote for my conservative GOP Congressman but I'm not expecting much if Bonehead and Turkey Wattles run the House and Senate. They are the problem, not Cruz, Lee, Gohmert, Sessions and other Constitutional Conservatives. Go ahead, WJF, run up the white flag and tell us how gutless you are!
Could you clarify what you mean by "The Republican Party will NOT be troubling you much longer?" I would really like to know what you are implying.
I know, GW is part of this. He is PRO AMNESTY by his silence on this issue. All that matters to him is that the GOP, even with sicko RINOs like Thad Cochran, win a majority.
Exactly right, CT! I'm calling my House Rep (Rob Wittman, 1st District, VA (R) and letting them know if Obama grants Illegal, UNCONSTITUTIONAL Amnesty in Nov, I expect Articles of Impeachment drawn up at least by Jan 2015. If Boehner is reelected SOH, by his vote, and doesn't do this, I'm finished with the GOP forever or unless all Pro Chamber of Commerce sellouts in the GOP are banished. This is an extremely crucial issue and can't be allowed to happen without a Congressional challenge of Articles of Impeach to go forth.
Well, GW, you love to say I'm a Ron Paul fanatic even though I don't agree with many of his positions....Tell me what McConnell and Boenher are going to do when Obama gives amnesty to 34 million illegals right after the midterms. Put up and stuff it! We, the American people, will not tolerate having our country violated like this. We expect the GOP to do something, not hand wringing!
illegally pardons or grants amnesty...sorry for the typo.
Okay, so they do win. Obama illegal pardons 34 million illegals. Okay, GW, oh wise one, what is Turkey Wattles and Bonehead going to do then, wring their hands and complain and say wait until 2016, is that it? You tell me!
They still can start the ball rolling in Dec in the HOR but with John Boenher as SOH, you can forget it. If the GOP can't stand up over this UNCONSTITUTIONAL overreach that exceeds the authority of the Executive Branch, what good are they? What is the heck do they stand for then? Start in December and when the heat gets turned up, some Dems may see the light and bail. Pres. Obama is not even popular against the Dems these days.
I hope the GOP gains control of the Senate but it would be even sweeter if they could do that without Mitch McConnell winning in KY, which appears is going to happen anyway. With Obama poised to grant an UNCONSTITUTIONAL AMNESTY to what appears to be around 34 million illegal aliens, I have NO, ABSOLUTELY, NO CONFIDENCE that McConnell and Boehner will draft Articles of Impeachment for this ABSOLUTE, ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL overreach of the power of the Executive. The President is not a Dictator and he, when he grants this amnesty and exceeds the authority of his office, needs to be prosecuted ASAP!!!!
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