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These are felons, transporting drugs into America. This is criminal!
and then the States should ignore the Feds. Yes, create a crisis and when the Feds overreach, the Politicos and Obama will lose due to the backlash.
It's not harsh, they are felons and our LE isn't doing squat. Remember the Raids on Mexico by B.J. Pershing and his able assistant, George S. Patton about 100 years ago now. If they say this, they would wipe these ba&tards out in no time flat. This is war and these a violent criminals not just illegals. I wish someone would take them out.
Actually, they support women getting pregnant, then aborting their children via their friends in Planned Parenthood. They are sick!
Why won't they go to Iraq and tangle with ISIS who is taking the women for "Sex Jihad"? What a bunch of losers and irrelevant nasty females these insane wackos are!
I agree with you about the courthouse?, bar, and Federal building but not the bank and post office. Why is carrying concealed illegal in the Post Office? Because the Feds say so??? I'm mailing and receiving packages and mail how is that an environment where I pose a danger to you. In my state, I can CC in my library, parks, most malls, etc.... The Bank? Really, unless I brandish my firearm, I'm no threat. Now, it's private property so I understand the Financial Institutions view on this and will not carry into the bank but I still think it's silly. The Courthouse I'm on the fence on but I guess I understand the reason for barring firearms there due to trials and other legal matters where some people can lose their cool.
As a CCW holder here in Virginia (BTW, Georgia, why no reciprocity with Virginia?), I know how important the responsibilty of a carrying a firearm. Guns in a family restaurant that serves beer and wine at table is one thing, but in a bar, is totally different. I, for one, don't want to be drinking and then have to be responsible with a firearm, at the same time. I just don't think it's safe. What say everyone else? I want to hear different opinions on the subject.
You are a moron! There, I feel better. If we build those fences and COMPLETE THE JOB, this time, do you think the Border Patrol is going to disappear? I just made my case.
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The 1911 Pistol

Pura Vida Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 6:44 PM
Metro Arms makes excellent .45's. The Filipinos are hard workers and, even though the gun was developed to stop some of their Muslim brethren in the south, they know and love their .45's. My American Classic Trophy sounds just like your piece. I have heard great things about the even cheaper Rock Island Armory .45's too. Maybe, their fit and finish isn't quite as good but they are reliable and effective in and around the $400 to $600 dollar price range.
Where were these hot babes with guns when I was a younger man? Wow, now that's what I talking about in these United States of
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