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Too many Leftist Former New Yorkers in Florida! Alabama and Georgia are much better because they are more conservative. They actually have mountains too.
I meant a 20 gauge, not a 12 gauge.
I agree, it wasn't her fault and the range in question better reassess their range safety procedures. They are doing the safe, common sense, firearm owner, a great disservice. The vulture Leftist politicians will pounce on stories like this to add NEW RULES and REGULATIONS to restrict gun use and ownership.
shooting not shoot a .22 caliber rifle or handgun.....sorry for the typo
I don't have any problem with a nine year old, with proper supervisor, shoot a .22 caliber rifle or handgun. Once they have mastered that, they could move up to a .410 Shotgun or even a 12 gauge. No offense to the family of the range instructor but he engaged in an unsafe action on the range and paid for it with his life. Although it doesn't even come close to what happened to him, the nine year girl now will be traumatized due to his unsafe action. My son is a Boy Scout and this is the reason that young scouts are started out with a bolt action .22 cal rifle. They are taught proper range safety protocol which helps keep tragedies like this from happening. I even taught my son the same procedures when he was introduced to a pellet rifle. Safety has to be a top priority and the gun must be pointed downrange when off safe.
Yes, a bad guy will not be able to take advantage of an unarmed citizen that needed the gun for self defense. This time, they will actually have the gun instead of waiting for it.
The judge was a Clinton appointee too....amazing!
See, once and a awhile, the good guys win! Take that, Senator and Fascist lover Feinstein!
I would tend to agree with you if the officer had problems previously with his record of service. He didn't though and was/is a good cop. As to the rule of law, the media shills are running around trying to convict this cop before all the evidence has been laid out. The same thing happened with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Once it went to trial, Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY. If the Al Sharpton's, Spike Lee's and many others in the black community had anything to say about it, George Zimmerman would have been executed just for defending himself.
They are trying but I disagree that they are eating away at those rights, EVERYWHERE. We are losing in some states but winning in others, including even Washington D.C. Shall issue CCW permit states have increase rapidly over the last 15 or 20 years. Many states NOW allow OPEN CARRY. I think it's a mixed bag but the NRA has done a good job stopping Obama, Reid, Feinstein and all the other gun control crazies in their tracks. Yes, NY, CT and the other deep blue states have been up to no good but I still think the 2nd amendment is holding strong. If I have anything to say about it, I will help keep it that way.
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