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I like "Operation Kurdish Hammer" instead. My plan would be this is we are going to fight ISIS and DO IT RIGHT OVER THERE: 1. Ask Congress for a Declaration of War, as per the Constitution, on ISIS, ISIL or IS, whatever thery are calling themselves these days. 2. Ask the Kurds to allow us a military base/air base in the Kurdish autonomous region of Northern Iraq. Conclude secret deal supporting an independent Kurdistan with whatever land the Kurds can take. 3. Give the Kurds the arms they need to defend themselves against Turkey, Assad's Syria, ISIS, the rump Iraqi government in the south, and Iran. Train the Kurds to be fighter and bomber pilots. 4. At NATO, force the Turk backstabbers out unless they make peace with the Kurds and recognize an independent Kurdistan. If they won't, crater Incirlik AFB within the base boundaries and pull all of our forces from there ASAP. 5. Talk to the Saudis and other Sunni states and tell them that the remainder of Sunni Iraq is theirs for the taking, provided they recognize Kurdistan. The Kurds are the only Muslims in the ME the USA can trust and if we did this, the USA would finally come out ahead. Northern Iraq has huge oil deposits the Kurds can use to make for a prosperous nation.
Well, she must be taking notes from John Kerry......She was against the travel ban before she was for the travel ban......wow, what a flip flopper! I just gave the Tillis campaign an idea for a great idea starting early next week. It should help erase any confidence in the electorate that Hagan knows what she is doing. Tillis, are you listening? Go for the throat and finish her off!
If I was an airline, I would just drop those routes for about 6 months. That is a business decision and I doubt the government could force them to fly those routes.
Read up on the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 -1919 and get back to me. Getting out ahead of an epidemic is the way to halt it in its tracks not playing PC games. Quarantines are a great way to get out ahead of epidemic and those Western African nations will survive a 3 to 6 month travel ban. It's the right thing to do.
We have cut off North Korea so why not Western African countries that have Ebola running rampant. They are both a threat to the USA.
They hate female pilots from the UAE too. I hope if ISIS gets those MIG 21's or 23's in the and that female pilot gets to knock those bogies down.
She will learn...give her a chance.
She did not "dodge" the question. She didn't play "gotcha" which is apparently what he was after.
Joni Ernst will make a fine Senator, if she wins and she could be a great candidate for President in about 12 years. She handles herself very well and, yes, she understands the military and will be respected by them.
Do you even know what the Church is saying about Gays or do you just rely on the LSM complex to tell you?
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