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The Jews then could be like the Koreans during the Rodney King inspired riots in LA back in 1992, on the rooftops, defending their businesses with rifles. If I was a Jewish shop owner, that is what I would have done. Look what they accomplished in Warsaw with just a few weapons. Never again let the anti Semite savages victimize you. I would have loved it if they could have opened up with Uzis against that ravaging Muslim mob. They might not be so anxious to be so violent then.
Nice try, hate monger! The Jews accepted the UN peace plan in 1948 but the Muslims said no, kill all the Jews and drive them into the Med. Muslims are killing and wiping out Christian communities in Iraq too where they have been for around 2,000 years. The Jews didn't do that, did they? How about the Coptic Christians being attacked in Egypt by, you guessed it, the Muslims. Thousands of rockets are being fired on Israel and they have to go to bomb shelters daily but that is no concern of yours. They gave back Gaza to the Palestinians but the folks there elected Hamas who in their mission statement wants to elimi nate the Jewish state, i.e. exterm inate the Jews. Sounds like the Na zis to me. So scr ew you and your propaganda. If someone was firing rockets on my home, I would go on a search and destroy mission to k ill them. Of course, they are cowards since they hid behind women and children which makes it worse. Your B. S. doesn't fly here!
What is wrong with these Euros, especially the French? Didn't they learn anything from WWII? No sitting back and waiting for things to get worse. The Muslims need to be DEPORTING back to the country they came from. If they get violent and attack the Jews and their businesses, the police should open up on them, killing them if needed to stop the attacks, period!!!
Wow, so Israel should just grin and bear it when thousands of rockets fall from the sky on their country? That is what you are proposing and you must really be a closet Hit ler supporter since you believe that the Jews should just be exterminated. What else should they give back to the Muslims? They have given back Sinai, bits of the Golan Heights, southern Lebanon, and Gaza. Much of the West Back is in Palestinian hands so what would you propose? Remember in '48, the Muslims tried to push them into the Med with their main cheerleader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, an avowed anti semite who praised Hitler. So, pray tell, what should they do, O wise one????
Maryland's nickname is the Free State. Well, that isn't true any longer, that is certain. Along with calling Maryland the Peoples Socialist Republic of Maryland, the simpler version is the FEE STATE. Good job, Beretta! I'm glad to see you are making the move to TN.
Hamas just wants to kill all the Jews. Who last wanted to do that? Hit ler and the Na zis, that's who. Hamas = Na zis. ISIS = Na zis Hezbollah = Na zis Muslims that support the 3 last groups listed = Na zis. There, is that clear enough??
What drugs do you legalize? MJ, Coke, ????? Don't say bath salts, meth or some other really destructive stuff. Folks who make that should be executed, IMHO.
That is exactly what happened to "La Cosa Nostra". They take their network and switch into new lines of criminal activity when they lose a source of revenue, like illegal booze.
If a drug is being sold like bath salts that is proven to change a person permanently for the worse, those selling it should be executed, period. MJ and Cocaine can be bad stuff depending on a lot of factors, but so can alcohol. There is a difference.
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