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You are good with me. All I ask is that if ISIS is such a threat, then all of those ME countries in the Arabian peninsula along with Turkey should have their "boots on the ground" but they don't want to do that because they figure we will. They don't want to pi ss off some of the other Muslim tribal people either. Only the Kurds need our help since you can actually trust them.
I have, 30 years, and don't believe ISIS is a mortal threat, at least not to the American homeland. I just want to see us DECLARE WAR on this group, if that is what CONGRESS DEMANDS, as per our Constitution, and KILL THEM ALL. Of course, it's amazing how Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the GCC states and others just sit back, and NEVER engage against this so call mortal threat with their armies. A few fighter jets bombing from high altitude, sure, but never with their armies. Why is that?
Well, they don't seem to "gung ho" about going back with "Boots on the Ground" so go figure.
I'm agreeing with you brother! I spent 30 years in service (1978 - 2011 with a short break from '84 - '86) and watched as our Armed Forces were slowly degraded, then really dropped in the last few years. I really don't think we can "win" anything in the ME, especially as you said, with the silly ROE the administrations impose. Also, why in the h#ll isn't the USA INSISTING that the ground troops of all of those nations there that are so worried about ISIS, not deploying them. These countries (Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, GCC states, etc.) should be advancing on ISIS to destroy them. The fact that they are not is a major problem for folks like us. They want AMERICAN troops to bleed, not their own. We are tired of being played!
Don't sweat it. I got your drift.
Typical post from will_ethan. Believe in science and antibiotics. Guess what will, they don't always work and you need a lot more than that to deal with this world.
Gee, it's a name which doesn't matter. He killed in the name of a religion and should be sentenced to death for murder.
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