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Yep, even though I don't support his stance on the border and illegal immigration. Yep, even though many of his elements of his foreign policy are wrong some actually is correct. So, I have some disagreements with Dr. Paul but he isn't up for election is he. I support people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Louis Gohmert, Sen. Sessions who stand for the U.S. Constitution, unlike you, and are very much against illegal Immigration. You just care about winning no matter if you throw principle out the window to do it. I will ask you again, you GOP operative COWARD, what are Boenher and McConnell going to do when Obama ILLEGALLY, without powers under the Constitution, grants amnesty to what may be up to 34 million illegals? Stop DUCKING and DODGING the question, GW!
Shush, you PRO AMNESTY, ANTI CONSTITUTION Dem Plant! Go worship at the altar of SOH Bonehead and soon to be Senate ML Turkey Wattles! Yep, they sure are going to stand up to Obama once they control the whole Congress. NOT going to happen, right, GW, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sellout!
Well, the only way I would be happy with this if a GOP operative somehow managed to make the 60% of the Dem votes in Nancy Pelosi's district, convert to GOP votes, causing her to lose. Boy, wouldn't that be something! Voter Fraud would become a very important topic then to the Dems and they could be laughed at.
Maryland which is called the "Free State" (I have a hard time holding back the hysterical laughter) is now the "Fee State."
Cook County, Ill is NOT predominately Republican. Please get your facts straight.
Maybe a little disobedience at the polling places should start that use electronic voting machines like destroying them a few days before so PAPER BALLOTS have to be used instead. This might cut down on the cheating by the slimy DEMS. This isn't a coincidence folks that in two blue than blue states, this happened.
More like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Star Parker, Mia Love, Daneen Borrell, Tina Turner, etc., etc. etc.
Then, what are you going to do about it? Throw up your hands and wave a white flag? How about engaging the younger generation along with the current to do what the youth of the 1960's did against the Vietnam War. Massive protests, civil disobedience, maybe even the R word comes into play so the Republic can be saved. This Obama Dictatorship has to be stopped.
GW, you are PRO AMNESTY so you can stuff whatever you want. You don't believe in trying to save the US Constitution, just making sure the RINO wing of the GOP runs the show. I'll bet you are a dedicated fan of the US Chamber of Commerce too. Give it up. Oh, the House doesn't have the power of the purse, is that what you are saying now?
Harry will retire in 2016 (mark my words) and Rory, his son, will run then to replace him. I'm sure, that is the plan.
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