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and former Weather Underground and the New Black Panther Party members vote Democrat. Your point?
No offense but George Washington being a Federalist was a pretty big deal. They were a major party at the beginning of the Republic along with the Democrat/Republicans (they were one party then) and the Whigs who were around for about 25 years or so in the first part of the 19th century and those Whig Presidents were: William Henry Harrison (1841) John Tyler (1841–1845) [n 3] Zachary Taylor (1849-1850) Millard Fillmore (1850–1853) None of these were MINOR parties so please get your facts straight.
Also, make sure that when you vote, you also have to dip your finger in purple ink that doesn't wash off for a week and is fluorescent under a black light. All polls will have a black light to make sure individuals don't vote twice.
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Fire Reid Already

Pura Vida Wrote: 4 hours ago (6:58 PM)
I though Tar and Feathers was the old fashioned way. We don't want to waste ammo now.
Washington D.C. isn't a State. It's a Federal District.
Target recommended that you not conceal carry in their stores but you won't see any signs. That is the same thing Starbucks did. You can still conceal carry in both stores, legally.
They are called OER's in the Coast Guard. Many an officer learns quickly to make sure they have plenty of factual data to back them up or they won't last long.
There are good and bad officers like there are good and bad enlisted. As for CompCon, I respect his service to our country. As for myself, just so you know, I spent 30 years in service (USN, MoNG, and USCG) and I'm now retired. Also, you either need to slow down your typing on your keyboard or proof your comments since you seem to be error prone.
Only about 20% of those in these flood of illegal are younguns' 4 or younger. Many of those "children" and in their late teens and MS-13 gang members from Honduras and El Salvador. Get your facts straight for once!
this crisis has been going on for years and it is just getting totally out of control now.
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