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Forty one years of fighting the evil of government endorsed abortion! We will never give up and one day abortion will be outlawed just as slavery was. The supreme court is not SUPREME..
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John Kerry, Jihad Coddler

publiusAH Wrote: Jan 18, 2014 11:27 PM
Is John Kerry daring to recycle this poor boy philosophy as an reason why we have terrorist? Bin Laden was a millionaire, the 9/11/2001 attackers were all well educated Muslims who simply wanted to destroy Western civilization and install a caliphate world wide. We are refighting the wars of the Middle Ages. Dear John, please be for this before you are against it or is it against it before you are for it?
To cbhillman: We do not have to prove anything! The citizens of PA think it is a good idea, the Supreme Court agrees and the law was passed after much scrutiny by our duly elected representatives. What part of a Democratic Republic do you not understand?
The idiot judge who has stayed the implementation of the PA picture voter ID law states that, "the burden of proof was on supporters to prove that in-person voter fraud was a serious threat....". Excuse me judge but the people of PA do not have to prove ANYTHING! The US Supreme Court has ruled already that the use of picture ID is a reasonable expectation to provide before casting a ballot. The people of PA happen to agree and they voted it into law via their elected representatives. Just who the hell do you think you are interfering with the will of the people of PA?
The US Supreme Court has already ruled that picture identification is a reasonable expectation for people voting. This is just another delaying maneuver by Democrats who insist that dead people still have the right to vote and they will stop at nothing to have elections rigged in a large state like PA. Every Republican in the PA House and Senate voted for this law and every Democrat in both houses voted against it. The will of the people is being ignored. When do we start impeachment proceeding against this ba$tard of a judge! Otherwise when does the Revolution start?
Who is the jerk holding the,"free abortion on demand, no apologies" sign? It's typical of the pro-abortion crowd: to outwardly seek some small legal change, but in reality seek to destroy everyone else's liberty.
Regardless of any decision by The US Patent and Trademark Office, all concerned with this situation should simply ignore any decision and proceed with business as usual. Using the word Redskins will not influence anyone's choice when purchasing a product. This is just another example of attempted control of society by the weenies of the world.
A outfit who has the time and money should find out who the company is that rents advertisement time on that Times Square running board, then actively seek to have other sponsors boycott that company's Time Square board and any other advertising sites they run. We normal people have to do it my time and money but a previous writer is correct in stating that the advertisers never would insult any Muslims via a running board in fear that they would be murdered. God save us from the weenies!
" would be foolish to ignore the consequences it has had in countries like Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other test cases when making decisions for our own country's future." Really, but then of course, when did I ever looked to the Belgians for guidance on anything.
To reinterate what the Annointed One's long time minister and mentor once so sneeringly advised, "It looks like the chickens have come home to roost". Period.
The reason why Democrats overwhelmingly are against voter ID laws is that they will lose elections when many of the dead people are prevented from voting and the ones who vote eight times per election are reduced to one time per election. The supreme court has held that picture ID is a common and reasonable expectation to have in the US for proof of identification. If this federal court rules against voter ID, then when it gets to the supreme ct. it will be upheld, though I believe state legislatures voting it in should be enough. But then again, the weenies never accept what the people vote for, they have to try and cry to the courts to get their way like a spoiled brat crying in the school yard.
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