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"...Democrats contend that such cases are extremely rare and that voter ID measures are thinly veiled attempts to keep eligible voters, many of them minorities supportive of Democrats, away from the polls." Oh my, these poor babies, don't ya know! These poor babies don't go on airplanes, or buy medicines at the drug store or drive cars or get passports. Oh yes, these poor baby minorities. They don't do any of these things, do they? It's just a thinly veiled conspiracy to prevent these poor babies from encountering life in America. Why don't you cry me a river, cry me a river. I cried a river over you,!
What's that song President Obama actions reminds me of in this Ebola crisis? Oh yes I remember it now: " Little Miss, Little Miss, Little Miss can't do wrong! "
In Mexico to vote,you must insert your finger into an electronic imaging device that then checks the result against your previously stored fingerprint. If it doesn't match, you can't vote! I wonder why the Mexicans are so strict about how a vote is recorded?
An excellent post. I worked for True the Vote also in typing in data from handwritten information of voters in Milwaukee, WS so it could be collected and checked. But I can do it electronically even though I live in PA. Those who are engaged in fraudulent voting practices are scared to death of True the Vote. That's why the IRS went after Catherine Engelbrech in the recent and on-going scandal. Here in PA our state Congress passed a photo ID law two years ago but the weenie lower court judges continue to block its implementation. All of them are Democrats. They fear that with a photo ID requirement that all the dead people in Philadelphia and Pittsburg won't be voting anymore and then PA will go to Republicans in the next national elections.
This demonic murderer should be executed for the horrific crimes he has committed. I don't care what ridiculous charge was made against him. This Islamic puke killed 13 people and I would like to see him executed and society not pay any tax dollars to support this traitor in a life prison term.
What ever happened to the policy that states, by way of paraphrasing to: Demand that the intruder stop running and if he doesn't, then shoot! What are we paying these security forces to do at great taxpayer expense?
I'am so glad to read that Cyndi Lauper can actually write! The next big step is for her to develop her reasoning and logic skills so she can then understand the law and the US Constitution. Then she can really have fun.
In today's media, it is not biased reporting from left orientated news agencies like ABC, NBC or CBS that concerns me, but rather the fact that all of them simply do not report ALL that is happening. It is these blatant deletions of important news that causes me never to listen or watch any of their media outlet programs. So I agree, liberally biased media does have some truth in it but, it doesn't contain all the TRUTH hence it is not fair and balanced.
Chipotle's decision is fine with me. But they won't find me or any of my four married kids, their wives or husbands or their ten collective kids in any of their restaurants. It's called the free enterprise system for a reason. Good luck Chipolte! Keep selling those designer burritos to all your throngs of weenie supporters.
Well, thanks for the prejudicial, tyrannical and Gestapo-like news you pathetic Mozilla mucky mucks! I will be switching to a new browser for sure.
What does it mean when they state that the SAT has aligned with common core Math. standards?
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