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Please, please Ruth Bader Ginsburg stay in active service on the court as long as you can think and reason. Remember justice O'Douglas used to be wheeled into the supreme court chambers on his bed. Hang in there. You can do it! Don't let those selfish Democrats demand your retirement be required while Obama is President. But then again for your own protection, I would suggest that you get yourself a good food taster.
Mitt Romney is a talented, industrious and smart.But he doesn't have fight in him. He is not Presidential timber in these times.He has already proven that he hasn't got the moxie to win the presidency. Point in fact:When the moderator, Candy Crowely, hijacked the presidential debate with Obama by taking the Benghazi topic off the table for discussion, Romney did nothing. He should have demanded that the issue be discussed, debated and argued, regardless of what Ms. Crowley said. The major quality in the next opposition candidate to Hilary is one who has shown past victories over the progressives and most importantly, one who is willing to fight doggedly and persistently to show how progressive values lead to the ruin of middle America. And I really don't care what the independents think. They always like to think that they are the reserved, dispassionate ones who can in a quiet and deliberative manner figure things out. Our country is going to hell in a hand-basket and we need a candidate who will fight. Someone like Scott Walker.
Hey Townhall administrator, I thought all emails were inspected before being posted. Why are these annoying ads allowed through the filters?
I'll say one thing about the state of California in lieu of their under financed generosity. When the state goes broke, there better be no pleas to the federal bureaucracy for a bailout in any shape or form to what then would be a destitute state. Stupid is as stupid does.The people of California can reap the disaster they now sow!
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5 Ways To Improve Meet The Press

publiusAH Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 6:53 PM
To draw viewers Meet the Press has to welcome controversy not shun dispute. A case in point is a show that recently aired when Rudi Juliani implored his opponent, who was entirely bent on convincing Julani that their is too much of white police officers killing black young men, to also addresse the fact that there is a 93% rate of young black men being killed by other blacks in this country. However, the moderator, Chuck Todd could only scamper the debate away from this spirited exchange as if it were deleterious to the discussion. In fact, IT IS the discussion and Mr. Todd should have left the argument unravel and not try to calm everyone down. Chuck Todd is a savvy guy who can tell when people are telling lies to further their arguments. That is the only criteria that should be used to move the show off the topic, not because it has become heated.
What a pathetic, warped dips*hit!
This woman should serve her quarantine requirements while under civil arrest for endangering the public. It's not her call to decide which laws she cares to obey.
A constitutional amendment is the solution to this skullduggery. A picture ID and proof of citizenship must be required before you can vote for all voters. It is difficult to attain this amendment but I believe there is sufficient support among the public to get over these weenie Democratic judges who are activist, not truly impartial.
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Illegal Voters May Decide Fate of Senate

publiusAH Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 11:23 AM
I suggest a Constitutional Amendment be initiated to require both picture ID and proof of citizenship be provided before a person can vote. I know that this is difficult to do, but I think that everyone will be quite surprised at the support this Amendment iniative would garner nationwide.
"...Democrats contend that such cases are extremely rare and that voter ID measures are thinly veiled attempts to keep eligible voters, many of them minorities supportive of Democrats, away from the polls." Oh my, these poor babies, don't ya know! These poor babies don't go on airplanes, or buy medicines at the drug store or drive cars or get passports. Oh yes, these poor baby minorities. They don't do any of these things, do they? It's just a thinly veiled conspiracy to prevent these poor babies from encountering life in America. Why don't you cry me a river, cry me a river. I cried a river over you,!
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