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Howard Dean is the best political advertisement for Scott Walker. I hope he keeps up the, "you didn't finish college" mantra throughout the primary Republican races. It will assure Walker great popularity with voters both in primary and general elections. The number of people who didn't finish college and still went on to career success probably represents fifty percent of Americans. Keep up the good work Howard!
Maybe while the Democrats are in Philadelphia we can protest to them that this is the city where the U.S. Constitution was ratified! A document the Democrats largely ignore.
This so called President is dangerous to the country. Many people simply do not trust him to do the right thing. He is blinded by his own ideology that he constantly tries to enforce on the rest of the country. I am glad Boehner made the invitation to Netanyuhu so the Congress can hear the dire situation in our Iran negotiations and hopefully can override the actions of this lawless President who should be impeached for numerous major infractions. But they won't touch him because he is black.
I can't believe all the silly nonsense both written and spoken about a few hundred mealses cases. As a kid, I had both measles and chicken pox and though they not pleasant experiences, I survived as did thousands of kids in my generation. My children all received the required MMR shots and were the better for it. This year we have had sixty thousand illegal immigrants walk across our borders unchallenged by authorities. This is where media outrage and concern should be directed. But the weenie media chooses to avert the real problems and focus on softball problems.
I keep looking for the next revolutionary tee-shirt to come out. Then all the cool high school school kids can wear it to school and at the boardwalk in the summer time. You know that deep red-colored one with black motif embodying the artistic form of the Che rebel , but in the latest tee-shirt some honesty has been added. A sentence has been added: Che Guerva, the f***ing Coward!
I have been asupporter of Scott Walker for the past two years and the reason is , is that he fights. And when he fights, he wins. Our next President needs to be a fighter.
Both Rene Ellmers of NC and Jackie Walorski of IN as members of the House should be primaried to defeat in their next election runs. They are despicable people who lie to get elected then run do the devil's work.
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Early Presidential Prospects

publiusAH Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 10:47 AM
I hope Elizabeth Warren wins the Democrtic nod for President. Just think of all those people who could vote for a female whose ancestors had"dark eyes". Cherokee President! Cherokee tribe! But enough of jesting about the weenies. Personally I'm for Scott Walker because the man fights. And when he fights, he wins.
I do hope that Scott Walker enters the Republican primary race. He has been my favorite for the past two years. I like him because he fights. And then he wins!
Of course a CNN poll will favor Jeb Bush as he the closest Republican to Democratic -lite that's out there and CNN ( communist news network) will sing his praises all day. I generally ignore everything that they broadcast especially the peans they make for three hours at a time to the sixties generation where they smile and delight at youthful photos and movies of themselves and snicker at how "rebellious " they were. I'm from the sixties but I was out of college by 1965 early enough to avoid the.pompous weenies that raised hell in the late sixties. They were wrong then and they are still wrong if they hold near there "rebellios ways". The best thing about the late sixties is that Humprey was defeated by Nixon in 1968 mainly in reaction to the lawlessness of the hippies. I think the same thing will happen in 2016, do to the phony "die-ins", but it won't be for Jeb Bush.
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