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Paul Begala: Yeah, Team Obama's Giving Up on North Carolina

Publius4254 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 2:27 PM
The Framers knew what they were doing. They instituted the Electoral College so that the larger-population states could not dominate the smaller states. These days states like California, New York and Illinois would almost assuredly go for the liberal candidate, putting that candidate that much father ahead. I doubt seriously that states like Utah, Montana, Idaho, etc. would have much of a voice if we had direct popular vote election of the president.

Go back and read our polling round-up from yesterday to whet your appetite for this clip.  The public opinion landscape is unlikely to shift significantly in the next 24 hours, after which the effects of last night's debate may become clearer.  (For reasons stated in my wrap-up post, I suspect we'll see negligible lasting impact).  With those numbers as a backdrop, here's loyal liberal partisan Paul Begala acknowledging reality on CNN, confirming that the electoral map is getting a bit redder and narrower for the president: