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Scott received over one hundred thousand more votes than Crist and his primary opponent Nan Rich combined. Voter turnout in doofus-heavy, I mean, Democrat-heavy Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties was dismal, to say the least. Unless things take a pretty drastic turn for the worst I see this as being a re-election for Scott.
Do any Democrat voters think when they vote or do they just vote for the (D) because that is how they have been conditioned?
And you live on the street corner. What's your point?
Every time I see a picture of Landrieu I think of Miss Piggy.
I have no problem with that. We can even give him a free flight over to Syria. Tied to a bomb that is dropped from a B-2 bomber.
I agree. Since Shrillary lost to Der Fuhrer in 2008 she has been known ever since as a loser. Good point.
Just how heavy is that water you are carrying for this Administration?
I actually voted for Crist when he ran for governor the first time. He had me convinced that he stood for the things I supported. Never again.
Suntan Charlie is a member of the Church of What's Working Now. Whatever position he thinks will get him the most votes is the position he takes at any particular time. He has never stood for re-election in any statewide office he's held here because he always started running for another job. When he got his fanny kicked by Rubio in the primary in 2010 he went Independent because, after all, it was his right to be a Senator. For all you Democrat voters in Florida (and there are far too many of you), I hope you know the weasel you are voting for.
We lost over 800,000 jobs while Crist was a "Republican" governor. I will hate to see how many we lose if he becomes a Democrat governor. Go Scott in '14.
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