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The instances of plural marriage found in the Bible were not the result of the command of God but were the acts sinful, disobedient man. You can call my "view" of history fictional if you want but I believe the Bible is the Word of God. Time will tell which of us is right.
I do love getting the 'tards riled up so early in the morning. Thanks for the laugh.
I will go ahead and make this pronouncement. When two men and two women can reproduce by natural generation, without any turkey basters or any outside interference from anyone, I will support gay "marriage".
Because at that point marriage loses any meaning it now has. Marriage has always, from the inception of human history, meant one man and one woman. The only reason I can see why so many people now want to change that is that they want to fundamentally change human society from what it was always intended, and that cannot be good for society.
That should be "against any other type of union".
Once it becomes accepted in the law that two males or two females can marry, that removes any legal argument for any other type of union. You have deep affections for your pet Schnauzer? Go for it. You want to marry your first cousin or your sibling? Knock yourself out. You want to marry four women at once (though why any man would want to put up with month-long PMS is quite beyond me)? Hey, have fun. The "gay" lobby insists that this will not be a slippery slope but there is no way that it cannot be.
Chelsea is not a very good liberal Democrat. She intends to have the baby instead of letting an abortionist kill it and suck it out of her. The pro-abortionists must be going ballistic.
I've said before that I thought Jeb was a pretty good governor here in Florida but his support for Common Core and illegal immigration has soured me on any presidential run he might make.
I can assure you that the church I attend has not abandoned Godly principles and accepted something as abominable as homosexual "marriage".
When my children were growing up my wife and I made sure we taught them how to use guns properly and safely. Whether they wanted to continue owning or using was left up to them. Now that they are grown my son owns guns and I gave a gun to my oldest daughter a few years ago when someone was messing around her house while her husband was deployed to Iraq. My youngest daughter decided not to have guns in her home due to having young children and I respect her decision.
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