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No idea. She has been strangely silent ever since the midterms.
God, that is one ugly woman. She would make a freight train take a dirt road.
I have been asked many times to assist ladies (both white and black) in getting things off of high shelves in stores (I'm 6'3"). I never have a problem helping them and, in fact, consider it an honor that they would ask me for assistance. Moochelle needs to grow up and stop thinking everything indicates racism.
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America's Next President

Publius4254 Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 7:31 AM
All of this is pre-supposing that His Most Imperial Majesty will not manufacture some sort of "national emergency" which will enable him to suspend the Constitution, impose martial law, and become the supreme dictator he desperately wants to be. I'm still not convinced that will not happen.
So I guess we should start calling him "Pharaoh Obama"?
The "Religion of Peace" strikes again. Prayers for the victims and their families. They may be Muslims themselves but they did not deserve this.
I'm sure Shrillary is glad to hear this, if, of course, it's true.
Every time I start to feel bad for the terrorists who were "tortured" I remember a picture of a man jumping to his death from the World Trade Center rather than be burned to death, then the feelings go away. As far as I am concerned we should do whatever it takes to get information from those animals.
I saw no "ladies", I saw liberal, America-hating harpies.
Everyone and his dog knows that this was simply the last chance the Marxists had to discredit the Bush Administration policies in the War on Terror. The fact that they refused to even discuss anything with the people who acutally were involved in the policy-making and execution of those policies makes this even more odious. The blood of every American who dies because of this treasonous release rests squarely on Feinstein's hands. If this country had any balls left she would spend the remainder of her disgusting life in prison.
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