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She needs to develop a brain first.
Looks like someone needs to learn the difference between an AR-15 and an AK-47. Rich Counts was not shooting an AR-15.
She should do all of us a favor and wear a burqa everywhere she goes.
The Constitution makes provision for capital punishment for treason, which is defined as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. It does not specify that we have to be in an "official war" for this to apply.
He voluntarily went over to the side he preferred. Good men died looking for his sorry *ss. He should have been shot on sight. I have no sympathy for him.
Good. If any Americans died because of that traitor he should be shot, although I expect the Emperor to grant him a pardon and probably give the putrid, useless POS a medal.
Worthless without a citation to the pertinent section of the U.S. Code.
I had no idea the President of Iran was going to speak to Congress. When did that happen?
Oh, boo-hoo. Widdle Barry's feewings got hurt. Cry me a river.
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