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This is neither unexpected or unusual. Most, if not all, state bars would take the same action. Here in Florida the Florida Bar News regularly publishes names of attorneys who have been suspended or disbarred for one offense or another. He should consider himself lucky he was not convicted here because the Florida Supreme Court would most likely have disbarred him.
Your three sentences represented a logical inconsistency. The first sentence asked why Netanyahu would not feel comfortable talking to Obama about addressing the Congress. The second said that Netanyahu not communicating with Obama somehow shows that Obama is hostile toward Netanyahu. The third sentence said that an Israeli PM would be motivated to keep good relations with POTUS. How does Netanyahu not communicating with Obama show that Obama is hostile toward him? Would you not have had to include some action of Obama's to show why Netanyahu felt the way he did and why Obama was hostile? The phrases are a bit disjointed.
Why would Netanyahu feel uncomfortable talking to someone who has bad-mouthed him to other world leaders? Why, I have no earthly clue.
Was it a disgrace when Emperor Obama left Netanyahu in the middle of negotiations to eat with his family? Was it a disgrace for the Emperor to make the Dalai Lama exit the White Crib through a side door past bags of trash? Was it a disgrace when the "real person" the Emperor lauded at the SOTU turned out to be a former Democrat operative who once worked for Sen Patty Murray? Were these disgraces?
Ayatollah Obama cares only for himself.
We think it is pathetic for the pre-pubescent pukes in the White Crib to whine like little girls who have had their Barbie dolls taken away from them.
Oh, we know that Ayatollah Obama will take whatever actions are necessary to protect his ideological kin in Iran. Every day now he is proving where his loyalties actually lie, and they are not with the United States.
But I don't want him to be here. It isn't fair!--"President" Stompy Foot.
Once again you demonstrate your unmatched prowess at saying things that have no possible link to reality and are ludicrous on their face. Job well done.
"But I suspect the answer to that question will always remain a mystery." Really? Do the letters "B.H.O." mean anything to you, except to represent a failed, narcissistic, Marxist, fake President?
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