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They are certainly doing their best to earn that name.
If that is a serious question you are in MAJOR need of glasses.
WTH has happened to my country? When I was growing up i heard both English and Spanish, a given since I grew up here in Florida, but the Spanish-speakers all knew English as well and nobody whined that they were the victims of discrimination due to being required to know English. I don't recognize my country now.
The only "best interest" that Glorious Leader cares about is his own.
I think you missed a few. It's probably closer to 10,000 by now.
If Glorious Leader won't do anything about this "crisis" (which he created anyway), then We, the People will.
Impeachment is one thing, removal from office is quite another. With the Democrats in charge of the Senate no removal will be possible, and unless we get 67 good, strong conservatives in the Senate in November removal won't happen then, either.
To which our Glorious Leader replies "No applause, please, just throw me your money."
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