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He's not relevant? Great, does that mean everything he has done to this country for the past six years is as meaningless as he is?
And Ronald484 says there is no voter fraud. Uh, huh, right.
Never bring a hatchet to a gun fight. Too bad for this cretin he learned that lesson a bit too late.
Remember when he said "We are the ones we have been waiting for" and "This will be remembered as the moment when the seas began to recede and the palnet began to heal"? He is certainly narcissistic to believe he IS The One.
"Costello has yet to apologize" Nor will she. Liberals are never expected to apologize for any over-the-top actions or statements they make, whereas conservatives are expected to prostrate themselves before the liberal media and beg forgiveness if they look at a protected minority cross-eyed..
Hey, hey, hey, my mother lived in NC and I have an aunt and cousin who still live there. SOME people in NC may not be exactly brilliant but not all.
Not much chance of that happening, I'm sure.
Early voting started this past Monday here in Florida and I went to my local early voting location yesterday. We do not have any Senate races this year but we do have a very contentious governor's race between Gov. Rick Scott and Suntan Charlie Crist. Since I did not want Florida to go back to 11.2 % unemployment, high taxes, high state debt, and the spectacle of Crist practically French-kissing Der Fuhrer I cast my ballot for Scott. He is not perfect by a long shot but he is preferable to Crist. Yes, there is a Libertarian on the ballot but he has as much chance of winning as I do of sprouting wings and flying to the Moon so he was never a choice for me. I hope every conservative does what needs to be done on November 4 and votes Republican. You might not like them but would you prefer to have Harry Reid running the Senate come January?
Why take down the decorations? Death is exactly what the pro-abortion party wants.
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