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If you want to secure the border, get rid of all the bait that brings illegals here in the first place. Anchor baby laws, food cards, welfare, under-the-table jobs, free medical services ,free housing and any other freebies that not even citizens of this country should be receiving. Another reason illegal immigration is so prevalent is because of the high cost and red tape involved in becoming a legal immigrant. It's a daunting process......
I doubt it as well. Most of these people are scared to death of Liberty.
I heard about this situation on the Glenn Beck Show today. As soon as I'm done posting this comment, I'm going to the Liberty University website to make a contribution to their scholarship fund. I suggest all of you bloggers on this site consider likewise. Let's give until it "hurts", THE LEFT!
There is no "good side" of redistribution. The EIC costs us a fortune as a nation. I do the tax forms for my niece. She pays in about 600 to 800 dollars in federal withdrawals and receives 10,000 dollars in tax returns through EIC. This is a tax code gone awry.
I think Albert Einstein said it best. "I fear that our technology will outpace human interaction. One day we will be left with an entire generation of idiots."
Right on target, David! Sorry, I didn't mean to use an inflammatory shooting reference.
The reason we have our current president and a large pack of progressives in government posts is because of an ill-informed electorate. Public education has done to America exactly what it was designed to accomplish. Dumbing-down and indoctrinating our youth is at the core of government schooling. If you don't believe me, go out sometime and speak with some young people. Ask them some simple questions that all educated Americans of their age should know. You won't believe what you'll hear. Jay Leno does this on his show every so often. Maybe that's why he's being replaced on The Tonight Show. Jay's exposing too much societal decay!!!
Here- here, tibby!! I believe you to be a very observant individual. Most Unionized workers are a prime example of that very observation.
Just remember the old adage; "The first rule of economics is supply and demand. The first rule of politics is to ignore the first rule of economics."
Minimum wage laws only hurt the very people they are intended to help. I was a restaurant general manager for over a decade and I'm here to tell you that there were people applying for a job that I wouldn't have hired for $3.00 an hour, let alone minimum wage. The higher the minimum wage is pushed, the less employers will hire. If the minimum wage was set at $20.00 an hour, the requirements for a potential employee would become far more stringent and there would be much less hiring. The job I'm currently performing is not worth $20.00 an hour. I'm very happy with my current wage and what I am doing for it. If minimum wage went too much over my current wage, I would expect to be laid off. That's just plain, old fashioned reality!!
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