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It is so unfair to Megyn Kelly's guests on her program when they split screen her with her interviewee. I watched the whole thing and cannot recall who she interviewed!!!
I run a small business with 50 employees. Running a business is no different than your household. If it fails to operate at a profit, it will cease to exist. Given the political climate and the anti-business mood of the electorate, if you operate a business would you expand or contract your company to preserve it?
Ask yourself these questions. Will full implementation of Obama Care help or hurt your cost of operation, knowing that portions of it have already added 30% to our cost of employee health insurance over the past 3 years? Will increased cost of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and taxes increase or decrease the cost of goods and services to our customers?
Will the added regulatory compliance with the EPA, OSHA, Building Codes, financial accounting methods, an every growing governmental bureaucracy with harsher enforcement increase or decrease the final cost to our customers? So with all these things in mind, as a business operator, would you forecast an increase in sales and profits or a decrease over the next four years? A business, just like your household, must attempt to predict future events and their related costs to your operation.
So if you conclude future sales revenues will be diminished would you protect your ability to operate at a profit by expanding your staff and inventory to pursue a diminishing market or would you contract your operation to remain profitable with reduced revenue? Why is it reckless for a business to announce its business plan to remain profitable to its staff, investors, employees, and customers that it intends to remain in operation regardless of how adversarial the US electorate has become?
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