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Tax Congress!

Public Citizen Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 5:42 PM
If we are going to have any discussion about the accumulation of wealth and ~fairness~ then the accumulation of outsized wealth by elected public officials needs to be a major sub-topic of the discussion. We need to require all elected officials to file a statement of net worth upon taking office, not just for that person but for anyone that they have a financial relationship. They then need to fall in a special tax classification where any gain in net worth over the rate of inflation plus a stated percentage [I think 2% would be reasonable] is taxed at ~double~ the rate of private citizens. This would limit the ability of people like Pelosi and her husband from gaining an absolutely obscene net worth off of "overly generous" [read fat]
Public Citizen Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 5:50 PM
government contract.
I'm also for the taxation of any and all money received as "political contributions" over and above {for the sake of discussion} $5000 per campaign cycle at the regular income rate.
Politicians who get re-elected are engaging in a professional activity that they have exempted themselves from while looking for every dollar they can coerce [under threat of prosecution, fine and jail time] from private businesspeople. Then at the end of their [already lucrative] political career they walk off with the "residual" from decades of hoarded contributions from rent seeking supplicants. There is no legitimate justification for exempting these people from the tax burden that they impose on the rest of us.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want you to know that the rich are out of control.

After thinking about it for a few years, they have finally figured out that our economic problems have a very simple explanation: There are too many rich people.

Too many rich people are causing a jobless “recovery.” Having too many rich people caused the Fukushima nuclear reactor to meltdown. The rich are probably responsible for the next ice age too.   

Rich people it’s seems run up huge budget deficits on silly things like entitlement spending and road projects that benefit the...