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Protecting Hobby Lobby from the State

Public Citizen Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 11:34 PM
For the truly devout of any religion there is no dividing line between a private life and a public life. In order to follow the teachings of their religion they may be required to engage in actions that those outside the faith find to be not only unusual but bizarre and incomprehensible. You appear to advocate the denial of the right to establish a business because the owners insist on adhering to the instructions and mandates of their religion as guiding principles for the operation of their business. The core issue of this whole debate is forcing a person to violate the basic tenets of their religion by participating in the murder of another human being. The agency of that murder is the requirement to provide what is commonly referred to
Public Citizen Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 11:41 PM
as "the morning after pill".
One cannot say that they support religious freedom and then say "except in the workplace or in the conduct of business".
Once you attempt to hedge about the practice of principles that have been accepted practices for millennia worldwide then there is no religious practice or tenet that is free from the threat of civil authority. This government has attempted to set itself above God. For those who believe in a Supreme Being as the Creator and Preserver of the Universe this is the ultimate heresy and an abomination.

As many Americans began the process of remedying their New Year’s hangovers yesterday, and others pledged themselves to various and sundry resolutions, or began dismantling Christmas decorations, a fundamental shift in the country’s landscape occurred that went unmarked by people sweeping up confetti or reaching for their aspirin.  It is no secret that various laws and provisions of Obamacare went into effect on Tuesday.

One of those is the mandate that certain companies provide coverage for contraception, abortions and abortofacients, regardless of the religious beliefs of the owners. The company in question in this case is Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby’s...