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Those objecting to welfare recipients being drug tested should be objecting to Truck Drivers and others whose jobs affect public safety from being subject to rndom drug testing for the same reasons. The problem with liberals is that they never want to subject those who they classify as "special" to the same real world standards that the rest of us are regularly demanded to uphold. Standards that have been imposed on society by these same liberals.
Journalists who publish the fruits of these sort of hack attacks need to be viewed in the same class as family members of a wife beating situation who stand by and do nothing to prevent the assaults from continuing. They are acting as the most loathesome sort of enablers possible. One more example of "situational ethics" failing. One more reason why a firmly grounded in Biblical Morality public sensibility is the only sane foundation upon which a healthy and rational society can exist. A wise man once stated that "Hell is a place without reason". The public landscape is looking more and more like hell from my perspective.
Ok Chipotle, put your money where your mouth is. Free food for everybody and, hey, if your employees decide that they have more important things to do than show up for work today - that's OK with you. Explain it to your stockholders that this is just the corporate effort of honesty and new age harmony. Don't be surprised when the investors decide they all want their money, NOW.
If businesses don't create jobs then why not raise the corporate tax rate to 90%? After all, 10% of the kind of money most corporations earns should be enough for anybody. Right? - - - - - - Right?
The point your obfuscation misses is that the Jews were disarmed and ~then~ rounded up and sent to the death camps. Read a little on the history of the Warsaw Ghettos and you might gain a little understanding on how gun control and the ability to opress peoples are interlinked.
We are rapidly approcahing the point where the only peaceful remedy will involve the simultaneous Impeachment of the President and the Criminal prosecution of a number of high ranking staff members and Department Heads. Oba-Me effectively declared a "palace coup" in his remarks to a large hispanic group where he stated he would go around the legislative branch to achieve his goal of legitimatizing the invading army of illegals that he has encouraged to flood over our borders.
Another National Disgrace brought to you by Liberal Democrats. When you vote in Novemeber please remember the following: D = Delete
Another disaster brought to you courtesy of Liberal Democrats. When you vote in November remember this: D = Delete If Saudi Arabia can institute blanket travel bans for those attending the Muslim Haj Pilgrimage that will affect more than 7,000 people why can't the USA institute the same measures?
I think you have found the key to unlocking ~all~ of these registration schemes by comparing it to the illegal Poll Tax. Every single firearms attorney in the country needs to start including the legal citation for the abolition of the Poll Tax in their arguments on every litigation against these schemes to deny American Citizens their unalienable rights.
Looks like fertile ground for a Class Action Lawsuit here. I do not find it credible that the fingerprints of firearms registrants, and ~only~ firearms registrants would be "lost" without deliberate intention. If this wasn't a blatant harassment tactic the Metro. P.D. would be requesting that people come in and the prints would be taken at "no charge". I find it unconscionable that U.S.Citizens be subjected to this level of harassment in order to exercise an unalienable right that is specifically enumerated in the U.S. Constitution.
Looks like an attempt at a cover up to me. If the agency is buried then the evidence of corruption connecting those who are too-big-to-prosecute can conveniently get "lost" in the shuffle.
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