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Mt. Etna just had one of its periodic active periods. In the ~last week~ that one volcano has been responsible for more CO2 emission than the entire economic activity of the country of Italy for this calendar year. I am breathlesly [not, - I'm not a fan of asphyxia] awaiting your ~plan~ for dealing with this single ~natural~ occurence.
Yeah, the "wheels are comming off" so they can put the monster truck tires on now and finish crushing what's left of the America I grew up in.
We may find out if Bill Clinton has syphilys but we ~still~ won't be able to find a real birth certificate for you-know-who.
90% of what's needed to build drones is available at your local hobby shop or through eBay if you live outside of a large urban area. If you can get an operator within a couple of blocks of the intended target it can be guided in by a phone-app. All it takes is one well funded terrorist cell to make this nightmare a reality.
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America's Budding Tyrants

Public Citizen Wrote: May 21, 2014 10:41 PM
We in the center and on the right need to fight back by demanding that the special tax considerations given to these institutions be re-evaluated in light of their Anti-Constitutional policies and practices. When the institutions start getting the same treatment as a regular business, including the treatment of donations as regular income with no tax benefits for the donors, some of these lifetime leftists might begin to feel the economic pinch for their anti-American attitudes. We have given these people comfortable and protected lifestyles free from many of the anxieties faced by the average American in their daily struggles and they have repaid us with a rabid biting of the hand that has fed and protected them. Time for a reality check.
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The Myth of the Wild

Public Citizen Wrote: May 21, 2014 10:22 PM
Carbon Sequestration. Another one of the human races egocentric conceits. All it will take is one really good volcanic eruption cycle to push more CO2 into the atmosphere than can be offset by a decade of sequestration. Time and again it has been demonstrated that the planet has a greater capacity to "heal" from mans accidents and oops-es than scientists think. Or, put another way, mankind has less effect on the geo-scape than the hysterical handwringers would have us all believe. So pass the DDT, break out another case of tropical grade insect netting and lets get that swamp drained. Onward an upward not shuffling backwards and down.
P.S. if you find my observations above offensive or disturbing then you probably aren't ready for the adult world and should probably stay away from potentially disturbing websites such as this one, in other words, places where the adults have serious discussion about real world problems and real world solutions.
Sounds to me like you have a bunch of children who aren't yet ready for college. They may not be ready for High School because the "issue" they are raising is something that the grade school or junior high school level of maturity would be concerned over. We have a generation that wants all of the adult privileges but is refusing to accept adult responsibility for their lives. If they want to be coddled from cradle to grave then so be it, at a cost. The cost being, if you choose to live your life as a child you will be treated as a child. First thing is, you loose your franchise as a citizen. You can't vote. You can't be employed by any government agency, those jobs are for the adults. You will be treated as a child in many contract matters, such as not being able to rent a car or obtain a loan without an ~adult~ co-signor. In exchange we will file off all the sharp edges in life and pad the corners. That includes restricted access to adult themed movies. You want to see a movie with anything above a PG rating then you better have a parent or legal guardian with you to give permission. We'll make sure you have a job, suitable to your level of mental maturity. There won't be any mental stimulation to your job, that might trigger an anxiety attack and it probably won't pay what your childs opinion thinks you are worth but then, you aren't making much of a contribution to society so the compensation is probably appropriate. You won't be able to buy all the latest techno-toys and you won't have access to a lot of the real fun games on the toys you have but that's part of the price paid for not accepting the adult world as it comes.
The administrations sycophants keep chanting we can't just repeal the law now that it is in force. This nation made the mistake of acquiescing to the demands of another group of hand-wringing single issue hysterics when Prohibition was enacted. That error was rectified by the complete repeal of the law enacting "The Great Experiment". I see no reason why a similar remedy wouldn't work in this case.
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