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Looks like an attempt at a cover up to me. If the agency is buried then the evidence of corruption connecting those who are too-big-to-prosecute can conveniently get "lost" in the shuffle.
So why wouldn't Republicans go after this Corruptocrat unless they are the flip side of an equally corrupt coin? Sounds to me like special prosecutor time and a long jail sentence after a short perp-walk. Thought for today: How many votes in the Senate would have gone the other way without her fraudulent vote?
She needs to be wearing an Iron Dome such as a WWI Navy Gunners Helmet, when she makes these statements. Look everybody; The new and improved Tinfoil Hat - now with Ferric Oxide!
This is the same sort of "fun" as defacing a public edifice. It's only "fun" for the one doing the mischief. It causes extra work and expense for everyone else concerned. It is a form of Vandalism and should be viewed and treated as such.
This is how the Corruptors work. This is what happens when Biblical Values are removed from the socail landscape. They think there are no 'consequences' to their corrupting activities so they continue their corrosive influence on society until an institution, such as Wikipedia, crumbles into ruin. Wikipedia needs to prohibit ~all~ anonymous edits. If someone attempting to edit an article isn't willing to put their name on their work then it needs to be labeled as suspect and probably incorrect. This is the equivalent of 'malware' that they are attempting to install in peoples minds in the form of corrupt data.
And I'm quite certain that your sarcasm detector is busted.
You will be given 60 days of classroom and laboratory instruction on how to run your farm, build your farm buildings, and the basic economics of the small business called "running a farm". These will be dawn to dusk days of instruction to get you accustomed to the work schedule that a successful farm requires. The county will forbear the first 5 years of property taxes, after that you are responsible for this item - the same as everybody else. You will be taxed at the improved rate for your farm, not the bare land rate - the same as everybody else. You will be responsible for compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations related to your farm - the same as everybody else. Please be aware that the IRS will be looking for your income tax reports and the quarterly remittance of estimated taxes from the day you take possession of the property - the same as everybody else. If you elect not to accept this offer then coach accommodations, one way, will be provided for every member of your family to your stated Country of Origin. Appropriate exit visas and short term travel documents will be made available, good for a period of 30 days. At the end of the 30 day travel period the United States of America will have no further claim upon you or your descendants nor will you or your descendent's have any claim for any reason against the United States of America. If you are a woman with children but no husband you had better be able to find the father of at least one of your children, or produce a reasonable facsimile, complete with marriage certificate. You will then be eligible for the above offer. If you are a single male or a single female without children then a one time payment of $1000 will be made on receipt of your notarized waiver of any future claim by yourself or your descendent's upon the United States of America for past grievances or perceived wrongs from any cause or source. You may also avail yourself of the above travel arrangements in lieu of the $1000 payment. No other offers apply and no warranties, express or implied are part of this offer. Your mileage may vary. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands or any other territory or other possession of the United States of America.
Ok. Here's the deal: We, the people of the United States of America, will give every Family [defined as a Father a Mother and the offspring of either/both] descended from a slave the following as reparations and in compensation for any and all past alleged grievances in exchange for absolution in perpetuity for any alleged past transgressions. This absolution includes, but is not limited to, disproportional payments for Public Assistance [if you apply for any public benefit and there are already enough people of your demographic ethnicity to equal the percentage of the general population then you will have to take a number and wait for an available opening], your failure to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered to you for no cost other than showing up and paying attention, playing "The Race Card", this is a dead issue from the point this offer is published in perpetuity [if you don't understand what that means get one of your "brothas" that paid attention in school to "splain" it to you], us having to listen to rap "music" being blared from an overpowered, deafness causing, sound system in your "ride". The payment: We are resurrecting the original proposal of "40 acres and a mule" made at the end of hostilities and sweetening the deal even more as follows: 40 acres of arable land. A team of mules and the appropriate harness and horticultural impliments attendant thereto. A full set of hand tools, suitable for farming or pioneering. Appropriate seed and/or seedlings for first years crops. Chickens and hogs enough to serve as breeding stock. Forty Dollars in Silver US Dollars. A farm wagon with harness for the mules. Building materials to erect a two bedroom farmhouse, barn with hayloft, outhouse, water tank, windmill pump, chicken coop, hog pens, and other minor farm structures. Basic household furnishings for your 2 bedroom house, including a sink pump so you don't have to haul water from an outside pump and even a solar water heating system [this is old technology, often pre-dating electricity on many farms]. Your house will be equipped with all necessary plumbing and electrical wiring but will not include electric service. You'll have to make arrangements with the local power company to run a feeder line to your property or earn the money to buy enough solar panels and associated equipment to build your own generating system. You will be given 60 days of classroom and laboratory instruction on how to run your farm, build you
The concept that Senator Pryor seems unable to grasp is that, if you accumulate enough anecdotal evidence that points in one direction it becomes a trend and a basis for statistical fact gathering. The "anecdotes" of people being negatively impacted by Zero Care far outweigh the reports of people who have been positively influenced. This with the defenders making every effort to bring these positive outcomes to the publics attention. Senator Pryor, get ready to become the prior senator.
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Impeach Eric Holder Now

Public Citizen Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 7:41 PM
"When you're a hammer - everything looks like a nail". The corollary is that "When You're a Racist the Whole World Looks Racist to You". Holder and those of the same class of incompetence relying on skin color for advancement have played the "race card'" to the point where the deck is worn out. We are increasingly seeing the results of race politics in failing public institutions such as the City of Detroit and similarly situated metropolitan areas. Holder is a looser who is desperate enough to take down anyone he can lay hands on. Unfortunately there have been many willing sycophants, such as Lois Lerner, who are being brought to ruin by the debacle of a failed Attorney General who has diligently served a failing POTUS.
The first mistake, IMHO, that most people are making is using the term "science" when refering to the cult-hysteric theories of Anthropomorphic Global Warming. None of the computer models has ever been even close to actual outcome in the real world. When run backwards, the models can't come close to "predicting" weather that has already occured. Now it is revealed that the 'dust modeling' of North Africa, a major factor in weather for a lot of the world, is based on , to be charitable, "flawed assumptions". How many times have the global warming cloud used that excuse for their hysterical pronouncements not comming true? How many more times will that excuse be used in the future for not "getting it right"? My prediction: the excuses will continue to be used until a model is produced that actually simulates real world weather. At that point the hysterics will reject the model that works and label it '"junk science" so they don't have to confront the reality of a failed belief that has all the outward appearances of religious fervor. As to the "Polar Bear Canibalism", more and more people are seeing Polar Bears in their natural habitiat, partially because of eco-tourism, so there are going to be more incidences ~reported~ of normal activity that has not been reported in the past because it occured out of sight of human witnesses. This is the same principle as the false belief of increasing lawlessness based on what is reported in the local news instead of what is reproted in the FBI National Crime Statistics.
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