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"If you don't have spiritual men making political decisions, you're going to lose this country," And it will be lost to political men making spiritual decisions.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has worked very hard for decades to make the Oscars the prestigious and high tone event that it has become. These wanna be political activists are only bringing down the glamour and tone of the occasion. The Academy could easily stop all the posturing for political and other causes by making a ruling that anyone engaging in such activities will be escorted from the event as soon as they come off stage. No runway photo-op, no post acceptance press interviews. Just a quick escort to the back door and out into the alley, with the door firmly closed behind them while they stand in the dark and wait for their limo.
How about just placing two belaying pins in the seat back pockets of every seat? They are inexpensive, have no moving parts, the operation of them is nearly intuitive, and they can be used as a short range throwing weapon or as a very effective club. They have the additional advantage of being incapable of doing any serious damage to an aircraft [without extensive and specific training in both combat skills and aircraft structural engineering] while being capable of inflicting disableing damage to a human body.
Whatever happened to the campaing promise to be the most open and transparent regime ever?
Lock on door of childs room should result in the child having NO DOOR AT ALL. Your house = your rules. Too many of todays "parents" are not trying to be parents but "friends" to their offspring, thereby abdicating their parental responsibilities and duties. What they are doing is a complete dis-service to their offspring and acting in a socially irresponsible fashion that is often of such large magnitude as to be effectively anti-social. The family backgrounds of the majority of those involved in mass killings demonstrates the validity of the above observations.
The easy way to deal with the problems of no-knock warrants and a host of other abuses is to repeal the "shield laws" that keep individual sworn officers from being held accountable for their inconsidered and often testosterone driven mis-deeds. Currently, the brakes are off and the chariot of "law enforcement" is carreening down the road with very little in the way of control being apparent to the private citizens who are ultimately responsible for the financial wreckage that ensues. If the financial burden of the medical bills and other expenses that will ensue for the ongoing care of a small child injured and nearly murdered by the ill considered actions of a SWAT officer in full testosterone overdrive mode had to be borne by that officer then the hand lobbing the grenade would be more inclined to make sure that the area the device was going to explode in wasn't occupied by an innocent civilian likely to be injured and possibly either permanently maimed or killed. Too many of these SWAT teams are populated with officers whose drug of choice is full throttle adrenaline and they will use any excuse to get another "fix" for this legal drug habit. Short of disbanding the SWAT teams, which do have a place in modern policeing [please not the use of wording, ~not~ Law Enforcement] there has to be some effective control on the actions of individual officers. This is something that can't be instilled through training, it has to come from within the individual and the best way to stimulate the desired course of action is through a heightened sense of self awareness and the ~personal~ consequences of the actions of that individual.
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The coming ass age

Public Citizen Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 9:55 PM
The "global warming movement" has the same worldview and mental framework as the Luddites at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The majority of them have been taught enough of the scientific principle and the modus operandi of "science" to be taken in by hucksters who have dressed up their pitch in a white lab coat and charts and graphs. The fact that the person in the white coat has an IQ only slightly above room temperature measured on the Farenheight scale and that the charts and graphs are a complete fabrication designed to propagandise instead of accurately inform is beyond the grasp of most of the zealous acolytes that make up the masses of the "true believers". Who profits from all of this? The Al Gores and their "lifestyles of the obscenely rich and wasteful". Oh, and organizations like the Bildurburghers.
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Banning “Feminist” in 2015?

Public Citizen Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 12:28 AM
Those who self identify a "Feminists" are increasingly [and correctly] viewed as raving hysterics. In a more rational age these tragicly misguided females would find themselves under careful lock and key supervision until their lunacy was cured or at least subsided to a manageable level.
Those objecting to welfare recipients being drug tested should be objecting to Truck Drivers and others whose jobs affect public safety from being subject to rndom drug testing for the same reasons. The problem with liberals is that they never want to subject those who they classify as "special" to the same real world standards that the rest of us are regularly demanded to uphold. Standards that have been imposed on society by these same liberals.
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