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Hum and also helping stop Hitler and Imperialist Japan wasn't a good thing? Launching the Peace Corps to help underdeveloped nations of the world. Dumping billions of dollars into Africa to combat AIDs and all of the other aid dollars sent all over the world was also a bad thing? Is there some reason the left can only see one side of every point?
Trail of Tears did happen. The desease infested blankets though is an urban myth. If you are going to use history at least do some research and don't depend upon talking points from the loony left.
So ending slavery with deaths of 618K over 150 years ago wasn't payment enough? Denying it isn't the point moving on growing and correcting is the the point.
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Too Much College

Psyop85 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 2:36 PM
That already exsists and the number of those entrepreneurs is growing all the time.
I disagree, I want them here for several reasons. If they pause to think a little they may change. If they do present a different view they will sharpen my view.
So it would be ok if we as taxpayers just not pay her this month. After all, she is paid by the loans taken out by those going to school and those of us who pay taxes to fund them.
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Since he has not blamed this on anyone or anything else I would guess that he isn't a Liberal. Not blaming something else for your problem is taking responsiblity for it.
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