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Do You Live in a “Death Spiral” State?

psycho-6 Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 6:50 PM
Mark, you moron, only the main cantonment area of Ft. Bliss is in NE El Paso. The ranges and maneuver areas are all on the NM side of the state line. McGregor Range, which was the principal range for the Air Defense Artillery when it was located at Bliss, is entirely in NM. And, just for good measure, Ft. Bliss, in all its glory, is bigger than any other US military post. In fact, it's bigger than a couple of states in Yankee land (That's like RI, MA, NY, NJ, etc.). I know these things because I was stationed at Bliss twice and worked there for about 9 years after I retired from the Army.

Three years ago, I put together a “Moocher Index” that measured the degree to which non-poor people in a state were benefiting from redistribution programs.

As you can see if you click on the nearby table, Vermont was the worst state, followed by Mississippi, Maine, New York, and Massachusetts.

I confessed that my Moocher Index was a crude and imprecise tool, but it was one of my most popular posts in the early days of this blog. Probably because it was a way of measuring the degree to which people were being lured to ride in the wagon of government...