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Oh yes, you do. Consider all the big, bad, brave, ruff n'tuff shooters who fearlessly gunned down various quantities of defenseless men, women, and children. About the time someone showed up with equal or superior firepower, these dauntless gunsels shot themselves rather than face off with someone who was their equal. Remember, 'God did not make all men equal. Sam Colt did.'
Mark, you moron, only the main cantonment area of Ft. Bliss is in NE El Paso. The ranges and maneuver areas are all on the NM side of the state line. McGregor Range, which was the principal range for the Air Defense Artillery when it was located at Bliss, is entirely in NM. And, just for good measure, Ft. Bliss, in all its glory, is bigger than any other US military post. In fact, it's bigger than a couple of states in Yankee land (That's like RI, MA, NY, NJ, etc.). I know these things because I was stationed at Bliss twice and worked there for about 9 years after I retired from the Army.
I don't know about the others on your Death Spiral/Moocher list, but New Mexico labors under two burdens. First, better than 50% of the state is owned by the Feds in the form of White Sands Missile Range, Ft. Bliss, various Indian reservations, Los Alamos Labs, three Air Force bases and their associated ranges, and a bunch of national forest and wilderness area. The only land left is the desert area of the Southeast quadrant and the high plains bordering Texas. Therefore, a god-awful bunch of us work for all these guv'mint outfits 'cause that's all there is. The second burden is our State legislature, composed of Democrat Mexicans who think the Patron system of Old Mexico is just the bees' knees. Example - check out our Gross Receipts Tax.
Sir, You espouse logic and intelligence based on your - personal - and civilization's collective experience to the ignorant who live in caves and discern the world based on shadows passing the cave opening, then pontificate from their 'superior' insight? These Pogies aren't worth the effort, Sir. I used to be arrogantly proud of being one of their protectors, but because they are now too weak, or stupid, or self-indulgently lazy I have no use for them any more. May they rot in their self-important sanctimony and pay the price for their blindness in their own blood. I'll stand for - and with - the Brotherhood of Arms, but not for these maggots. S.L. Ellison SFC USA (Ret)
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A Hundred Percent of Nothing

psycho-6 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 2:16 AM
Dear Ms Watson, How 'dat singin' an' daintsin' an' shuckin' an' jivin' on de Gubmin' Massa's plantation workin' out? You's bein' sol' down de riber by all 'dem "Friens ob' de Black Man" Democrats, ain't you? THEIR Granddaddies only sold YOUR Granddaddies' bodies, while YOU and your generations have willingly sold your souls. To the same slavemasters' descendants. What a waste of your human possibility, all in the name of racial unity/solidarity/brotherhood. You and your ilk deserve what has happened to you.
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Who Speaks for Reform In Islam?

psycho-6 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 10:02 AM
Sir, Your question is quite easy to answer. Islam will reform itself on the 31st of February. Or upon the destruction of Mecca, Medina, Qom and all the other "holy" sites, the death of about 90% of its adherents, and the Coca-colonization of the remainder. Take your pick.
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