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Low calories and eating veggies are not the ONLY problems with Michelle's Let's Move Food Programs - See how much they are costing the U.S. tax payers. go to http://wp.me/p2jhWw-3y politicalsudoku.com
There's more to not like about Michelle's Let's Move Programs. Read about it at http://wp.me/p2jhWw-3y Politicalsudoku.com
Read the reality of her food programs at http://wp.me/p2jhWw-3y Great picture, too!
Good for her. Stupid Obama, signing all those illegals up for jobpermits when there aren't any jobs. Anything for a VOTE. www.politicalsudoku.com
For video of a Prominent Democrat Praising Ryan go to www.politicalsudoku.com
If Obama had done his job correctly this article wouldn't exist. Here's some more reason to NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA see them at http://politicalsudoku.com
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