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Since when is a forum EVER a "disciplined" argument???
You deserve an award for that response!!!
Why don't you and your handwringing go to a liberal forum and complain Mr. Obvious! It isn't "odd", it's human nature.
That is a wildly inaccurate and inappropriate analogy that you are gonna have to find a way to prove if you have any hope of your "argument" ever looked at seriously. It is up to YOU to prove that somehow peoples responses on this thread is equivocate porn and hunting. I dare you to try and not make a fool of yourself
And you are being too kind also... ;-)
So sayeth the Bubble Boy, Andofool. go s**t up your own house and quit befouling ours.
When will you learn that abortion is a done deal. You have the right to rip the bloody remains of your children out of your crotch...and even force the taxpayer to pay for it. We hate it, but then if it's liberals killing their own progeny...well... So you can quit wagging your bloody finger at us. I don't give a flying f**k what you liberals think about the Second Amendment, I only care what those who are in a position to render it invalid have to say. And they have said quite a bit. Unlike you, they actually represent a threat, and since you are anything but the Voice of Liberals and Obama, why don't you go back to seeing you left any parts parts of your last dalliance inside you.
Accountability, transparency, honesty and integrity are not in the liberal dictionary. Your point troll?
She's like diarrhea, leaving her mess everywhere...another dysenteric Democrap.
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What This Election Means

Pseudopegriphal Jones Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 2:28 PM
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