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'Pharaoh' Morsi

pschwartz Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 7:50 AM
Cal serves up a nice bit of fog an' hasbara that conveniently forgets Israel's early role in increasing the prestige of Hamas, once a minor faction. Why? As a foil to marginalize Mr. Arafat's largely secular/nationalist PLO. In fact, Thomas forgets the West's complicity in radicalizing Muslims, from London's encouragement of Wahhabism in their war against the Ottoman Turks to .. Washington's radicalization of Pashtun tribesmen in their scheme to bring down the Soviet empire (the "Brzezinski doctrine"?).
The diplomatic hosannas for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi following his brokering of the recent ceasefire between Hamas and Israel were still being heard even as the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood started behaving like a pharaoh. Morsi "temporarily" seized new powers that, among other things, forbid judicial review of his policies.

What ought to amaze us is how many times Western and especially U.S. diplomats have gone to the Arab-Muslim well, believing they will find something different at the bottom. Egypt, Hamas and even Iran string us along like a cad with a bevy of women in his orbit...