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Why John Roberts is Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon

pschmehl Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 8:44 PM
"John Roberts was the secret weapon that made it all happen, by outthinking everybody, and staying true to the Constitution." You're nuts. "It's a tax" will go down in history along with Douglas' "it's a penumbra of emanations" as the most bone-headed ruling the Court has ever rendered. There is no silver lining in this ruling, and only a partisan conservative who doesn't care about truth would spin it that way.

I would caution my fellow conservatives on the frustration they may be enticed to express at Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. It is unwarranted, and it is unwise.

The reason I state such is that it is my firm belief that the Roberts' decision on the Obamacare mandate will without question bring about ultimate doom to the government control of healthcare, and through the best means possible--not judicial activism--but through the democratic process.

In boxing terminology no one has pulled a "rope-a-dope" this effective since Muhammad Ali himself. In doing so, it is clear that John Roberts duped the liberal...