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What Race Preferences Hide

psargent Wrote: Apr 25, 2014 12:25 PM
"The shame of the nation is that poor children continue to be so trapped in terrible schools. That is the disgrace that race counters cloak." At least two reasons for this "disgrace". First, government sponsored, encouraged, promoted and protected unions prevent reforms so obviously needed that even a liberal mayor like Bloomberg acknowledged that fact. Second, a huge percentage (maybe as high as 90%) of children in inner city schools live in single parent homes where in many cases the mother lives on welfare. This means there is no discipline in the home, there is no involvement of a parent in the schooling process, there is no accountability for anything to do with responsibly motivating and encouraging a child to develop good habits and an interest in learning. So, solving the first reasons for systemic failure is doable: get rid of unions and fire all the incompetent teachers (probably most of them). The second reason is far more difficult and indeed may not be soluble as long as the race baiters and liberal politicians, do-gooders and the like are in control.
Right, right, right! Even though I have friends who voted for O the first time for various reasons unrelated to who he actually was and is, most saw through him by the time his second election cam around. For those who voted for him a second time, there is no excuse and no help. They are getting what they voted for. Unfortunately so of those who saw through this fraud fro the beginning.
Spoken from the wisdom of the ages. I agree with you!
I also am incredulous that neither so-called "brilliant" pundits Krauthamer and Will did their homework on Obama prior to the election of '08. It was all there for anyone to see if they only bothered to look. Some of us were screaming fraud from the moment this clown appeared on the national scene at the Democrat Party Convention in Boston.
This is rich. Nancy Pelosi raises an apparent feminist daughter and four other children, decides she now knows best how other people should live their lives, goes to Washington and becomes one of the most powerful operatives in a thoroughly corrupt party, proceeds to oversee the destruction of the economy and the most effective healthcare system in the world and the she and her feminist daughter declare she has gotten herself "a life" since being liberated from the only productive thing she did in the real world. Only in America on the Left Coast can one turn this kind of failure into a model of success.
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