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A Warning to Moral Conservatives

pryan Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 7:53 PM
We all know the presently-parsimonious Paul Ryan spent the lights out for eight years while Tom DeLay and Company ruled the House of Representatives. Folks, let's consider the spending packed into the Young Gun's holster: * Ryan voted for eight straight GOP budgets which hiked spending by $1 trillion - all told, Ryan voted for $20 trillion in budget spending alone. * Ryan helped finance two wars off of the budget books * Ryan voted for the Medicare Part D plan, which former GAO head David Walker called an $8 trillion unfunded mandate. Indeed, Paul Ryan, your hypocrisy is an unseemly trait. Ryan at his core, as can be told from his voting record during the Bush years, is a statist, big government man.
pryan Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 7:53 PM
Paul Ryan's votes for Medicare Part D and the bailouts in 2008 made it clear. He is dangerous because of the attention he receives as a beacon for the GOP. There is hardly a constitutional bone in his body.

Congressman Ryan's actual record leaves much to be desired.

The issue Ryan is most known for is his interest in cutting the deficit and balancing the budget. Ryan is a STATIST who goes with the Republican flow. But why did the Congressman vote to bail out the auto industry, to pass the Medicare package to the tune of $400 billion, and to nationalize education via No Child Left Behind?

If Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Michael Barone and others are right and Mitt Romney is our next president, we moral conservatives cannot take our foot off the gas. We cannot let up in our advocacy for life and family. We cannot relax or shift into neutral as if some great victory has already been won. To do so would be to make a fatal mistake, and four years from now we will be kicking ourselves again, vowing once more not to sell our souls to the Republican Party, claiming that this time we have learned our lesson, only to...