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Beyond the Lord's Supper that is to be done "as oft as ye shall drink it in remembrance of Me" and the washing of feet, both instituted by Jesus after the Passover Sedar had been completed, that is correct. We do not know even the year of Jesus' birth or death much less the dates. It's instructive to note that birth dates of significant people (like Emperors and Pharoahs) were never celebrated back then.)
I'm still waiting for Catholics to explain how they can forgive sins, something only God can do after Jesus' intercession, how they can ignore God's 4th Commandment (oh, and the 2nd while we're on the subject) and how they justify indulgences, a practice that made the church filthy rich - another Christian "tradition". From there we can regress to burning at the stake for heresy and other barbaric practices as well as incorporating man's traditions into their worship practices - expressly forbidden by God. It is quite beyond me how anyone can find the temerity to call themselves Roman Catholic and Christian in the same breath.
Unfortunately, God does NOT like man's traditions. . .see Matt 15:1-9, Coll 2:8, Titus 2:14 and especially Ezekiel 8:1-18.
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Drunks with Guns: You Loot, We Shoot

prsmithsr Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 3:43 PM
Once that begins, I think you'll be very surprised at how quickly people will organize.
You haven't done that already?!? You fool, Romney can't stop what's coming!
I have to say that I'm disappointed in your daughter. While physical confrontation would have been a bad idea, not calling authorities and filing a formal complaint only encourages these illegal acts to spread.
Had you been there, you would have found yourself surrounded by 95% black, Democrat voters. You don't start shoving anybody under those circumstances. I do hope that the person who talked to the supervisor got their name so they can be included in the lawsuit that is sure to be filed.
Obama is ineligible. I don't believe "allowed to run" is over the top.
OH, HELL NO! Obama (the liar, thief, forger, perjurer, conspirator, usurper & traitor) has already lost all respect I had for him and Romney must earn his.
Rats deserting a sinking ship.
Democrats are not scum. It's the party and what it stands for that is disgusting and no Christian, Jew or Muslim should support them. . .
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