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As a Christian myself, I appreciate you pointing out that homosexuality is a sin which hurts the persons engaging in it, dramatically. I also want to point out that there are many other sins including adultery, idolatry and others that are just as bad in God's eyes. Sins which are not legally preventable nor they should be for God "gave us all free will." I agree with it being pointed out as a sin for the good of the persons to reflect and change but not for condemnation for "We are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God." In the end "liars for hire," the corrupted media, the hypocrites in hollyweird and the corrupted politicians will steal trillions of the tax payers $$$ off this scam. So Sad !!
The argument is that marriage is between a man and a woman. Altering it's definition to include a behavior which goes against nature itself, though legal, is not just. Black persons cannot control or change their skin color, the comparison is self serving. The practice of homosexuality is a sexual behavior, a behavior, which a person can CONTROL and change or choose not to control or change. What are our laws based on ? Judeo Christian values, put that aside. The unity of a man and a woman is recognized by nature, as men and women are physicallymade up and their ability to pro-create, as a natural union, anything else is a perversion or mutation.
many are wonderful persons, that is not the argument. The argument was about the mental or physical state of the person practicing homosexuality. I come from a family of medical professionals, though I am not one that does not disqualify me from deducting based on sound research including their perspectives, as medical professionals. One doctor told me how much he wanted to help homosexual patients who came to him and wanted to be hetersexuals, he hurt for their pain. These are hard things to discuss but we need to be honest, peacefully. Perhaps in the long run it will be best for everyone.
How about rather than the off the cuff profanity you engage in a logical peaceful exchange. I clearly referred to the "value of intamite union with the opposite sex" as well as friendship. Go back to my post and see the words "opposite sex." I am not arguing that persons practicing homosexuality, can have "intimate unions," and great friendships." I clearly stated from a medical perspective that they did not engaged and benefitted from the intimate union with a person of the opposite sex, as traditional marriage denotes, as nature denotes. I am not attacking you or any person that practices homosexualtiy, I am speaking in terms of the behavior and what leads to it. I have been around persons who share their lives as homosexuals, many a
There is no condemnation of the individual person and there is ample evidence to proof that persons practicing homosexuality have and continue to make many contributions to the well being of society. The phobic foolishness, is just a politcal gimmick utilize by those who stand to profit from all of it $$$ mostly, crooked politicians and "liars for hire." It is a personal behavior choice, based on perverted mental processing.
Reason and logic. Absolutely homosexuality is a disorder often caused by physical deficiencies (hormones, sexual organs development, mental illness, social enviroment, etc). Just because someone has an urge or a tendency, does not make it sane, natural or logical. The difference in mental fitness is in the fact that homosexuals do not process the value of the intimate union, friendship, growing together with the opposite sex. They lack that natural sense of wanting to unite with the opposite sex. Nature, in it's overwhelming majority, beginning with fully developed human beings, is hetersexual. There is nothing more natural than the union between a man and a woman, highlighted by the union's ability to reproduce without artifical methods.
that do not apply for persons of the same sex to pretend they are a legitimate marriage. There are plenty of legal vehicles that can be used or created to give persons who choose homosexuality unions, rights as for personal matters such as hospital visits, etc. Taxpayers should not be paying for this non-sense. Millions of people can be fed, house and taken care of medically with the trillions stolen through the "legal system" to fund these absurd nonsenses.
What are the limits of a "democracy" ? What are the limits of "legal" standards ? Majority rules, has never been a standard for democracy, that is the same as mob rules. Sure there are obvious limits that come to mind but how long will they be so "obvious." The "legal system" in our country has been seriously injured to near destruction by the leftist extremist. There is no logical or Constitutional reason why a farce propagated as "homosexual" (let's stop playing the word games, call it what it is homo-sexual) marriage should have even been considered as a legitimate case for a court room. This is just another theft of tax payers $$$. A marriage has always been define as between a man and a woman for many reasons that do not apply
This is just another scam by the "liars for hire" using the "legal system" to scam $$$. The "legal system" in this country is just another means for thieves to steal the wealth of the country. Until the "liars for hire" and their associates forwarded the propaganda and made the payments to alter the definition of a "marriage" there was never any questions that a marriage
I doubt it but, so what ? Laws are changed every day for mostly the purpose of distributing and stealing the wealth of the nation through it's so called "legal system." Eventually, there would be law cases $$$$ for the "liars for hire" to force churches to perform homosexual (heterphobic) farce unions, deceitfully labeled marriages. The "tax" obamacare mandate is a perfect example. When degenerate scoundrels are in power, they promote degeneracy. Because the moral compass of this nation has deteriorated so much, only a miracle will save it. Let's pray God sends a Jona, again, and this time the people repent.
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