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Paul Krugman is s e x u a l l y excited at this.
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Brandeis Bows to Islamic Censorship

Proudscott Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 2:10 PM
The leftists and western women sit around and bash western civilization and its history while they adhere to the ridiculous notion that all civilizations are equal. The comical aspect is that these same women would not enjoy the rights that are protected and enjoyed in the west if they were in one of the anti-woman Muslim countries. Incredibly stupid.
I will celebrate the day when true conservatives tell John McCain to sit down and shut up. He is an idiot. He doesn't speak for conservatives. He is the dumbest republican in the senate, yet he is the talking piece for them. No wonder they can't win any elections. He is a demagogue and a fear-monger who is so clueless about every element of domestic and foreign policy it is embarrassing the republicans let him speak. Democrats have at least learned to hide Joe Biden as much as humanly possible for the very same reasons.
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