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Japan might have to bring out the ol' Bushido war code from WWII and get a little nasty, fight back, and give the Jihadists a little what-for...or they will probably do what all the other liberal emasculated countries are doing and say that this isn't about Islam, these aren't Muslims, and bend over for the terrorists
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Report: 'Dark Days Ahead' for Obamacare

Proudscott Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 11:55 AM
THe only dark days are the ones we have to face as a result of having to live under this new law. Legislators and presidents will feel no pain at all
you might expect this from the local jr high kids but to come from a once prestigious Ivy league school is disappointing to say the least. I imagine the students snicker and hit each other on the arm every time they hear words like "butt, joint, or weed." This is about the level of discourse that they get while watching Jon Stewart of Colbert, so what else should we expect?
a tamer version of eastern european communism
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Hands Up! Don’t Abort!

Proudscott Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 8:53 AM
Is this because all police are racists or is it because the areas of town where more people are stopped by police are HIGH crime HIGH violence areas?? I'm willing to bet that in cities and communities where the crime rates are low the incidents of black people being pulled over (or anyone other demographic group) are quite rare. If people in those high crime communities expected and demanded that their neighbors committed less crime, demanded that the people who are ruining their neighborhoods change their behavior instead of accepting it, and making excuses for it, then they might see some change in their neighborhoods. INstead, they celebrate the "'hood" culture and perpetuate it by blaming the police and white people for being racist. Maybe Brown vs. Bd of Education should be overturned and allow for only separate courts, police, judges, jails for black people so they can't blame white people.
Black privilege is being able to continually say stupid shiite like this and still have a job on tv. If a white man said this he would been fired that day. quit blaming others you wimp.
bull. If the food is bad and too expensive then go down to the grocery store and buy food to bring from home. Are Americans so stupid now and so dependent on big government that they can't think through and problem solve on this? Last time I checked the local grocery store sells food that is a lot tastier and cheaper than the garbage they sell at school. Problem solving 101: Get off your lazy bacckside and go to the store, buy the food you like to eat, pack it in the morning, and eat it at school. Take as much as you want. If you are an athlete, pack extra and eat some later in the day. How dumb are we????
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A Lesson on Racial Discrimination

Proudscott Wrote: May 14, 2014 9:30 AM
End discrimination in the NBA. I'm calling for racial quotas for all races based on a proportional division of whites, asians, hispanics, blacks, as well as gender, age, sexual orientation, physical handicaps, and intelligence. If quotas are good for liberals in some places, then I demand them in all places including the NBA. Shouldn't the NBA teams be a "clearer reflection of what America looks like instead of being dominated by an exclusive racial group? How will people who are not black get into the NBA without some sort of person to identify with and hold up as a roll model?
Start demanding the following from liberal professors: 1. If they are white liberal male profs, demand that they immediately resign because they are products of white privilege and they would hypocritical to stay in their current positions. They need to make way for the under-privileged. 2. Demand all socialist profs to redistribute points on tests and work done in class from those who benefit from the privilege of higher grades and demand that the points be redistributed equally among all classmates.
Paul Krugman is s e x u a l l y excited at this.
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