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The Next Big Thing From The Official Who Predicted Communism's Demise

Proud PA Hillbilly Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 5:01 AM
In the housing industry we looked at vacancy rates as a major indicator of opportunity. One lecturer brought us to reality when he commented that (at that time - the 1980's) China had the least modern housing. Then he asked us to look at income data to clarify the real indicator of opportunity for the housing market. Vital!

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan administration as special assistant to the director of Central Intelligence, and vice chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council.  He is widely credited as having been the first senior official to predict the fall of the Soviet Union. He’s also, written a number of good books (including How to Analyze Information: A Step-by-Step Guide to Life’s Most Vital Skill, and The Cure for Poverty: It’s the Free Market: History’s Greatest Invention), plus he often speaks to groups of...