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5 Uncomfortable Truths About Liberals

proudcons Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 8:05 PM
There is nothing wrong with being secular.
Rand Paul / Ted Cruz 2016.
And at least he wants Obamacare (oxymoron) removed.
He was spot on with immigration, though. He was a whole lot better than Obama, especially with immigration and gov't spending.
Rand Paul does not want to shut down the government... he just wants to shut down the funding for Obamacare. He said so himself.
Bring back the firing squad!
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The GOP Isolationist Myth

proudcons Wrote: Aug 07, 2013 1:28 AM
I guess that me wanting to cut aid to countries that burn our flag makes me an isolationist... I'd accept that view, even if the left-wing makes it look bad. I am about tired of our government giving money and food to people that hate us. Heck, some hold signs that say "Islam will dominate, freedom go to hell"... you think I am joking? Google it. Sharia law is already being implemented in European countries. And the ones that are not implementing it are facing many protests from middle-eastern immigrants and radicals. They hate us, and they do not deserve our aid. And their governments do not even use the money part of the aid for helping their community, they only use it for their own gain. However, those countries don't deserve any help from us. This reminds me of the WW1 AND WW2 eras - The world gets mad because we do not want to get involved in the troubles of the world, but when we DO try to get involved we're being put down. Close the border, close our embassies, and stop financial aid to the middle-east.
I don't expect anything.
Will, you're a moron! How can you build a family when you can't even produce offspring?
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