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Typical: “Republican” Woman in Obama Campaign Ad is Actually a Registered Democrat

proud2be Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 11:12 PM
You might wish to get tyour head out of your a....well you know... The top 1% pays nearly 40% of the costs to run the country (all taxes paid) The top 5% pays nearly 60% The top 10% poays 70% and The top 50% pay 97.5% of all taxes... Meanwhile...the bottom 50%, collectively manage to come up with about 2% of the costs to run the nation.... These numbers are from the IRS (people who actually know who pays what)...I have over 10 years that bear out the above percentages, face it, you are being duped with silly percentage statistics that can be skewed to fit an agenda. Get smart, do some research before gulping the kool-aid, otherwise you look like a MORON!

First, watch the entire clip (via Buzzfeed):

At first blush, this spot looks like one of those insufferable campaign ads suggesting Mitt Romney wants to roll back women’s reproductive rights, or whatever. We’ve seen that played out before, of course, except in this spot (I can’t say I’m surprised) there is a registered Democrat/left-wing activist caught red-handed playing the aggrieved ex-Republican card. Incredible: ...