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The Left's Contraception Deceit

proos Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 11:19 PM
If a religion forbids sterilization, it would follow that it would object to fornication and adultery as well as abortion. If a woman is willing to do do any of those other things, how can she object to sterilization? Do we pick and choose what commandments to obey? Many married couples choose sterilization of one or the other for health reasons or for birth control when they do not want any more children. It is more effective than other methods, though still not 100%.
Okay, after looking at this article from 2010, I see this is very old news and the words have been taken very grossly out of context and were not coming from Obama, someone he nominated that he subsequently did not approve because of extreme views made these statements. While I am not voting for Obama and did not before, it is unfair and untruthful to twist everything around to make it look like he thinks all single issuer groups are terrorists. The statement, not made by him was really about the small extremist groups within those groups who go out a commit acts of terrorism against others, such as bombing abortion clinics, which I am opposed to. You are right, it is paranoid anti-government hysteria, I see it now, thank you.
If I am understanding this correctly by this statement : " Single Issue: groups or individuals that obsessively focus on very specific or narrowly-defined causes (e.g., anti-abortion, anti-Catholic, anti-nuclear, anti-Castro)." - then it follows that environmentalists and global warming advocates are also terrorists. And the Bilderburgers and the so called "elite" who have a single-minded goal of gaining power. A house divided against itself will not stand - united we stand, divided we fall, - time to unite against the real terrorists in our government and in the United Nations - gather up all true American patriots for our families, our liberty, our rights, our freedom, our flat - all things worth dying for, but better to live for . . .
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