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It’s a Dead Heat in Arizona Senate Race

ProgusParasitus Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 3:10 PM
That the imbeciles who run Townhall allow these paid Marxist trolls to take over these threads with spam, and day after day after day, tells you all you need to know about why we will eventually lose this country. You do not defeat an axe murderer with a butter knife. What happens is you die a bloodly death with your head on the floor.

As we all know the election is just a month away and it is time to look at the Senate races that could affect which party will control the Senate. Arizona is looking like a toss-up and it’s important that you are up to date on everything that is going on there. We have a close call between current U.S. Congressman Jeff Flake and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona. In what has been a traditionally red state, Arizona has been shifting a bit lately, and has moved more to the center. With the polls showing the race so tight, it may...